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LABOR DAY WEEKEND September 4, 2008

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

OK already with all this stuff about Gus. We did go out to Navarre on Saturday and returned Sunday. Our sails are not only off the masts, but off the boat. Putting them up is a 3+ hour ordeal which I decided to forgo, considering the weather forecast. We had the awning up, so we motored the 3 hours to Navarre.

Through the last 2 times we have been into the anchorage, we have discovered that there is a shallow area about 75 yards south of the marker which is your turning point from the ICW. The last time we were in, we rubbed the bottom for maybe ½ a boat length. We were what used to be the center of the marked channel. Now there is only 1 mark. When we came out last time, we stayed left of center. No problem.

On going in this time, I headed for the stake marking the west side of the channel. Not good. We again rubbed bottom for about the same length. On leaving I moved a little more to the east and again had no problem. My draft is 5’-6”. As a live aboard and with an old hull, it is probably closer to 5’-8”. I did have my water tanks full, but only about 20 gallons of fuel. Getting ready for my October haul out. The bottom is mud and silt, so it is nice and soft. You can feel it slowing the boat down, but not raising it up. Weighing 57,000 lbs., being raised up is not a good thing.

Motoring there was very pleasant, the wind was very light and having the awning up keeps things nice and cool. Cocktails were excellent as usual. We tried a new restaurant for us. It is Cocodries and is a short walk from where we land the dingy. The wife had a seafood pasta and I, fried shrimp. Both meals were very good and moderately priced. It is a family orientated restaurant and we would recommend it.

Hurricane Hanna looks like it is going to terrorize the east coast. The next ones, Ike and Josephine appear to be heading for the Gulf. Great. I have always said the hurricanes are better then tornadoes because you have a week to plan your escape. There is another side to that. A tornado, if you hear it is over by then. You are either here or your gone. Either nothing happened or you got wiped out. The same with a hurricane, other than you get to worry about it for over a week in anticipation. Maybe that is why I take blood pressure pills. Just have to hope the good Lord keeps smiling our way.



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