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PROJECTS DONE March 23, 2009

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

The parts came for the john, went together in a couple minutes, don’t leak. All is well, life is good. Johns in homes are so reliable that you could pass through your entire life and never even hear of a problem. Say head problem to any boater with even a port-a-pottie and you get this simi-sicky look that all boaters know and hate. I guess one must think of it as part or the overall wonderful life expanding experience of boating.

The radar man showed up today. The connection at the base of the mast was completed and works, the radar was tuned and now points towards the front of the boat. Life is good. Another major project to check off as we get the boat ready to cruise.



1. Mel - March 25, 2009

you are so not kidding about head problems, I have got that look. 😉

sailingnightwatch - March 27, 2009

No after being on boats with heads for 40 years, head problems and next to sinking. The old oak bucket is a hard sell, even for myself. The head is one of those things that should work, period. Anything less is unacceptable.

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