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Saturday the wind is 10 knots moving from the NW to the SW. Not bad. It is the temps. I have lived here for over 20 years and do not remember a hot streak like we have had the last 2 weeks, this early in the season. It has been in the mid 90’s every day. Thank goodness for the sea breeze. It has been around 100 inland and those poor people do not get the sea breeze. Well Saturday was no different. We did go for a sail and the wind shifted about 11:30. During the shift it all but died. That was OK because a friend of our has moved to a house in Little Sabine. This gave us the chance to motor by and check it out.

After sight seeing, we went back out into the bay and was greeted by 8-10 knots from the SSW. Perfect. I must admit, I did drink a lot of water. With the temps dipping to the low 80’s for the night, we new we would be plugged in by cocktail time and enjoying the air conditioning. It is days like this that the generator moves up the list.

As we headed east to go home the wind shifted to the WSW and increased to about 12 knots. This big ketch was not meant to run straight down wind. The first mile or so east of the beach bridge, one is restricted from going SE because of shallow water. By the time we get past that area, we are starting to bring in sail and put the boat to bed. Better out in the sound with a good wind then in the canals with a greatly reduced wind. Got in, had a docking beer while relaxing in the pool. The pool water is getting to be like a bath water. Oh well, life in paradise.



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