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50% BEATS NOTHING October 5, 2009

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Racing, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Saturday was forecast to be beautiful and Sunday to have a good chance or rain in the late P.M. They hit it Saturday. It was beautiful, all be it a little light on wind. It took about 6 hours for us to sail from our dock to Red Fish Point. I did see 4 knots 3 times during the day. The temp was about 80 degrees and the humidity was pretty low for being on the water.

I have some relatives that would have thought the wind was just right. We did drift for about an hour while the see breeze was trying to fill in. That was OK, it was time for lunch, and it was nice to eat without having to twink sails. The evening was partly cloudy with a gentle SE breeze and a full moon. I came below about 9:30 because it was actually chilly. Watched some TV till about midnight and had a very good sleep.

Got up around 6 A.M. with the rudder making noise, the main topping lift hitting the back stay and the flag flapping away trying to self destruct. The wind was blowing a good 15 kts. and I secured all the noise makers. While heading back to bed I noticed a bright light shining through the ports. I felt it was rather early in the morning for the Marine Patrol. There was a Hunter anchored about 100 yards to windward or us and he was trying to get the attention of those in a 30 footer that was dragging anchor. The 30 footer had missed the hunter but was heading almost straight for us. I jumped below and grabbed the air horn and ran up forward and started blasting away. I must count myself fortunate that someone did not blast me away, being it was about 6:30 on a Sunday morning. The air horn worked.

The capt. of the 30 footer managed to get his engine started and pull away at the last moment. All’s well that ends well. I will not through rocks because I know that if you use your boat enough and anchor enough, you will drag anchor.

After grabbing another hour of sleep, I got up and put up the windshield. We ate breakfast in the cockpit, and listened to the weather. The rain was not going to hold off to late afternoon, in fact, it was starting to rain very lightly as we ate.

It seems that the wind is always blowing right on the nose when one must get home before it gets ugly. This day was no exception. We got home about 12:30, about 20 minutes before it got bad. We were only hit by one squall and we just slowed down and let it clear before we headed into the canal.

Not a bad weekend, 50% beautiful, 50% not so beautiful.



1. Shane Wallace - November 23, 2009

Hi, I was on the 32 Endeavour, Patriot that was anchored that Saturday night to the east of ya’ll. Your right, Saturday was beautiful and my wife and I was admiring ya’ll sailing along the beach full canvas to sailboat cove (redfish point). The wind was wild Sunday morning. As we cleared the past you guys came up on our port side and we admired ya’ll as ya’ll just past us like we were sitting still! L.O.L.

We keep our boat on Bayou Chico at The Pensacola Shipyard.

Shane Wallace

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