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YA GOT TO LOVE MAY May 24, 2010

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

May is my favorite month in these parts. The water has gotten warm enough even for us long of tooth. The sea breeze is usually here by noon and steady till dinner has been eaten. Day time temps are warm, but not to hot. And best of all, the nights are still around 70, just right for sleeping with a light sheet. Oh it is so gooooood.

We got out Saturday by about 11 a m, about our normal time, and the sea breeze filled in a little afternoon. We sailed west about 13-14 miles and hardly touched the sails. It was great to be able to roam around the decks and watch the sails draw and feel the easy movement of the boat in a 10 knot breeze. We tacked once and was able to sail all the way back.

My granddaughter is in town till the middle of the week, so we wanted to spend Sunday on the beach with her. She is a few days past 2 y o and can make life miserable if she wants to. She is 100% better about her lifejacket then last time she visited. That means she is good for 10 minutes. Then she will start pulling on it, complaining about it and finally break into a full blown tantrum. There are reasons they call it the terrible twos. Her tantrums are getting a little better. She may outgrow them by the time she is 30 or so.

Well, Sunday was a great day on the beach with the water just the right temp. Still refreshing, but not cold. The air temp was warm, but not hot. You got to love it. The only oil in Pensacola you have to buy at a service station, thank goodness. It was a good time with her. She will be leaving again in mid week and grandma and I will really miss her.

With a little luck on the work schedule, I hope to be able to get out with the mate for a long weekend.



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