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It was to get down into the high 40’s Saturday night. Great time to test the genset and run the heat. Well, it got down to the low 60’s maybe. Did not need heat, but for the first time we had coffee from the electric coffee pot and toast from the toaster. That was cool.

Saturday started with light winds from the NE, that died about noon. That was OK, I was going to go get fuel anyway. Got back out there and it is flat calm. Around 2 P.M. a light breeze picked up from the east. I tacked down wind to have enough apparent wind to give me steerage. I did make it across the bay, to the land cut, where the tide was now on the nose and had to resort to the iron sail. We motored into Ft Mcrae and spent the night. There were 6 boats anchored. It was nice not being crowded. The tide was strong and created eddies throughout the anchorage. It is strange to be pointed one direction and have your anchor line trailing behind the boat. You look around and every boat is pointed in a different direction. We circled around the anchor all night. I was expecting the anchor and chain to come up in a ball. It did come in straight, but was dug in hard and took some patience to get it up.

Sunday we wanted to get an early start. High tide was about 4 am and that meant low tide around 4 pm. It is getting that time of year where we run out of water in the canal. We got in at about 1:30 and did not hit bottom even though the fathometer was showing dashes. We may have one more weekend, then it will be touch and go for a couple months depending on the tide.



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