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Was the weekend for parades. We usually do the parade at the beach. That was the plan, till the weather moved in. The beach parade is Sunday afternoon. The plan was to sail over, anchor, row ashore and watch the parade. We have done that many times before. Then the cold front passed through Saturday evening and winter was back. Sunday afternoon, the sun did get out, but the wind was blowing at 23 knots. I have no problem anchoring in that wind, but I am not leaving the boat, just in case there is a problem. I have seen people drag anchor there many times.

My beloved mate feels she is to mature to jump up and down and holler “through me beads”. Therefore she was not voting for going over to the parade, especially with 20 knots of wind and a temp of about 50. I know there were thousands that braved the weather and enjoyed the carrying on. I missed it. Yes we could have driven over, but that is a real zoo. Getting there in the traffic is hard. Finding a parking place is almost impossible. Getting back off the island IS impossible. That is why man made boats. Next year.



1. The Bundys - March 9, 2011

Awhhhh — come on Mary…. you can handle a little breezy, chilly weather now, can’t you? :):) Don’t blame you for staying in the slip at all!

We had adjoining rooms at the Hampton and spent the weekend with the Kids and B-rat — he had the BEST time…. he loved the parade and checking out the ‘Pirates’ that stayed in our hotel…. it was his 1st all weekend Mardi Gras!

Have a great spring/summer — it is coming… just hang in there!

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