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Getting ready for summertime when the living is slow. We finely got underway about a quarter till noon. And we had not even sprung ahead yet. The wind was a little over 5 kts when we left so we motored for about an hour to get a good warm up into the engine. By that time the wind had picked up to about 8 knots and we could sail at 4+ knots. Cloudless, nice.

If you recall I was having radar problems. It turned out to be a bad connector at the base of the mast. Fixing that also got rid of the hum in my radio. Lets hope that lasts. In the past, there were times when the hum would not be there for short periods of time. This was silence all weekend. It used to sounds like a keyed mike, but you can not hear what is going on in the background. That was something I found very annoying.

We were going to Ft Mcrae, but when we got there, it was different. It was not crowded, but the boats were spaced that if I were to anchor with a 6-7:1 scope, it would not work. So we were off to Red Fish Point. It was neat. We have been anchoring there for over 30 years and it was the first time there were no other boats. That is always welcome.

We anchored about 3:30, had a quick anchoring beer and took a nap. Perfect. The mate made some corn bread and chilly for dinner. We have not had that is a long time, it was fantastic for a cool evening meal. Turned on the TV and got the latest updates from Japan. Pray for them.

Sunday dawned very dewy and with a light NE breeze. Had a leisurely breakfast of waffles and to much coffee. It was good. By that time the wind had shifted south and was beginning to build. We motored through the land cut and set sail for the dock. The wind continued to build to about 12 knots. That gave us a little over 6 knots of speed. Only had to make one set of tacks all the way back.

Saturday I used the navigation feature of the chat plotter for the first time. I was going to let it take us through the bridge until I notice that the waypoint to line up for the bridge was in the middle of its southern column. Got to move that one. Also found one that give me too much room around a mark and not enough at another. Once I get the marks corrected, it will be neat.

It has the capabilities of correcting for getting off course in a slow get you to the mark correction or a more jerky do it every once in a while mode. It is set to get you to the mark with the slow correction. I like that, but it has not operated in the navigation mode enough to build its knowledge base and has a tendency to continue to slide off course until the correction is pretty aggressive and not conducive to sailing close to the wind. Back to the books to find out how I fine-tune that characteristic.



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