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The wife thought we should take the side curtains along this weekend. The forecast was for breezy low 50’s night. Well the water is still warm, so I did not worry about the50’s being real. While the mate Skyped with the granddaughter, I went to storage and retrieved the side curtains. Since Friday, the wind had been blowing around 20 knots out of the north and had taken a good portion of the water with it.

The boat is tied at the corner of 2 canals. We left about an hour before low tied and moved about 10 feet and ran aground. Not a good way to start a weekend. There is a sand bar that builds at the corner and I found it. I backed off and maneuvered around it and we were off. I must say that it is nerve racking when the depth gage shows no depth, just 2 dashes. It was that way most of the way out of the canal.

The wind was gusty out of the north and in the high teens. Wonderful, beautiful, and all that stuff. We were to get stronger winds during the night so I went to Ft Mcray. I tried to anchor in the best spot there, but by the time I had out enough scope, I felt we were too close to other boats. Back to Red Fish Point.

We got settled and did put up the side curtains and were snug from the wind. No green flash. Someday. Had a wonderful shrimp dinner, watched some football and discovered the sky was as clear as it has been in a long time. I used to be an amateur astronomer with a 10-inch scope. Almost as good as sailing. Off went the football and out I went on deck with the binoculars. It was fantastic.

Sunday it was 64 degrees in the boat when I finally drug myself from under the covers. Great sleeping. We wanted to get underway early and get home early to beat the low tide. We motored all the way to save time and that was a good decision. I rubbed bottom 3 times in the entrance to the canal. Never did that before.

Ended the weekend with cocktails and shrimp with our dock lords and our neighbors who are waiting delivery of their new Hylas 49. We all are waiting for the delivery.


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