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YEA, I AM STILL HERE November 29, 2011

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

As most of you long term readers know I have a granddaughter that lives in Doha, Qatar. My son-in-law had a conference to attend in Chicago the week before Thanksgiving and brought the family. Granddaughter beckons, and grandparents appear. My wife is from Arlington Heights, a northern suburb of Chicago. She has 2 sisters living there, so we all had great places to stay. We went to a children’s museum. It was great for the kids, they interacted with all sorts of things, but not the adults. It was interesting, there were over 500 kids in the place and you never heard any of them crying. Our 3.5 y. o. learned how to peddle. That was good because the sister-in-law we were staying with has many grandkids. They have a group of bicycles from the smallest trick to 26 inch road racers. The grandkid was seemingly born to ride. The small tricycle was great, she even tried a small Big Wheel. She was about 1 inch to short.

We also went to Lego Land. They have so many things built out of Legos, it was amazing. They also had 2 rides, and the grandkid wore out one of them.

Things were great till right before Thanksgiving dinner when my mate fell going from the garage into the house. Broke her left humerus. Major compression sheer break. Sheered at an angle about 2.5 inches long.

We do not know at first. Called 911, figured it was broke, but no idea of where and Mary was no help. It hurt from collar bone to wrist. We figured the EMT could stabilize it and transport her across town while minimizing pain. In a situation like this, I would drive fast, real fast. My 70 y.o. brother-in-law drives real fast all the time. Give him an excuse and he could get reckless.

We are out of town on Thanksgiving at an ER with a nasty broken bone. You get stabilized and orders to see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible. We have and she is still in the temp cast but it is jacked out from her body at about 20 degrees. Makes her about twice as wide as she is. I have had to remove the door from the head, she has to go side-ways through the passageway. Doing as well as can be expected of someone in her shape.

Flew home Saturday, saw doc. Monday, saw specialist today. Going to try the jacked up cast versus surgery.

Did I mention how cute our granddaughter is. She is. And a pretty good 3 Y.O. I am only slightly prejudice.



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