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Friday was rainy. What else is new. It is good; we were in a drought as with most of the country. We are now out of it. Hope it was soon enough for the farmers. Saturday was a little better, especially in the afternoon. Got the dinghy in and took the mate for a ride.

Sunday was prep time. My son has been invited to drive in a 12 hour race in Japan. He invited me along. This is a chance in a life time, so I am going. My wife is concerned about a hurricane while I am gone. I am also one of the people who help get 3 boats ready for a storm. I had to recruit a stand in and do some prep of my boat. Basically taking off the sails. That is a several hour 2 person project. That is like payback for having all sails be roller furling. Sunday the weather was clear and hot. Mary and I, with a little assistants from my doclord, got the sails down and stowed. I dough out the hurricane plan and reviewed it with the mate. The weather looks good for the time I am gone. That will be a blessing for those that would help Mary if there was a storm.

We will be racing at the Twin Ring Motegi race track. For those interested here is a link http://www.motoracing-japan.com/circuit/08_motegi.html Needless to say I am very excided about this. The only drawback is 2-20 hour flights in a week. I will not write this next week, but will fill you in with pictures the following week. I have add a few new pics of the new granddog. He is 9 weeks old and larger then most dogs.



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