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No. Well we were not there long enough to starve. But given time we would have. The trip over was in business class on Continental Airlines. It was great. Left Thursday AM got in to Tokyo Friday PM. Went to eat there great kobe steaks that evening and then went to bed.

Got up early Saturday went to the fish market, largest in the world, 6 city blocks wide by 3 blocks deep. Did not smell of fish. That was interesting. Saw Tuna almost as big as I am. Also saw fish that I have no idea what they were.

After breakfast went to the Sky Tree. It is a tower with 2 observation platform. It is the height of the Sears Tower in Chicago. It was hazy so we stayed on the lower level at about 75 stories up. After that we had lunch and went to the speed shop NE of Tokyo.

We stopped at a hotel and sleep for about 3 hours, ate dinner and that was it for sleep and things to eat that were not fish for 24 hours. The Discovery Channel of Japan was there to interview the drivers for there production to air in Japan in November. They are trying to get it aired in the States in the spring. They were expecting about 90 cars for the race. The cars are Tuners and therefore no all that fast. Chad (my son) ran in 2 cars that were not competitive 911’s. Chad said the track was as smooth as a granite cabinet top. It is used by Honda as their test track. Had pit garages that were as good as any NASCAR track.

The race was 12 hour and started at 8 am. The weather was mostly clear, about 93 degrees and about that much humidity. If you have ever been on a race track in the summer. Everything is paved and it gets really hot in the sun. There is no place to hide.

Chad said it was amazing to drive on something so smooth considering our home track is Sebring which is noted as one of the roughest tracks in the world. After the race we got back to our hotel in Tokyo about 1 AM.

Monday we got up, ate breakfast and started for the airport. Chad had done his homework on the trains and schedules. He is the trainmeister. Got close and scary at times but we got every train and plane. Any miss could have been a disaster.

We flew back business class on United on the original 777 with the crew from hell. That was OK because we got off the ground on time on all flights. No 20 hours on the tarmac. I would loose it but they would open the plane to drag me off kicking and screaming.

Tokyo is the cleanest city (20mm population) I have ever been in. The people are very friendly, overly (if you can be) polite and helpful. Not many speak English. We fell into Summer Holidays that happen on weekend during the summer. There were street parades and much more that we did not have time to enjoy.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime. It was wonderful even though it was very short. It was great.



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