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HOT August 6, 2012

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

I wanted to go sailing. I had worked Friday morning at getting the sails back on the boat. I had removed them the dinghy and taken off its motor in case there was a hurricane while I was in Japan. Thankfully no hurricane. I have never put all the sails on by myself. In fact I did not believe it could be done. The Genny is the big problem. It takes the halyard winch to get it up. It is hard to feed the sail on the bow and crank the winch at the mast at the same time. My year old sails are still very stiff so I could line up the boltrope and crank up 2-3 feet at a time. The wind came up before I got to the main and had to leave it till Saturday am.

I could have slept in. The wind did not come almost all day. There was light wind in the afternoon, but this boat was meant to sail in the trades. But I was ready. Then the temp rose to the low 90’s and took the humidity with it. The forecast was also for 60% thunderstorms. There got to be a lack of motivation on my part. Then there is the fact that the mate is going to see the granddaughter for a week and I had to dig out suitcases in storage. That is almost as bad as putting up sails alone. Have I mentioned the mates hating going sailing with no wind and 90 degrees plus the potential for thunderstorms. Any of you who are married can see already with the preponderance of little negatives, we were not going sailing.

There were Olympics to watch.

Sunday we did church and came home to less wind. We also had the same heat and the same threat of storms. They came after dinner. Not a lot of rain, but lots of lightening. Maybe next weekend.



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