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COLD NORTH WIND October 29, 2012

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Probably the first real cold front of the season. Our neighbor in his Hylas 49 was going out for one of his last sails of the year because of his deep draft and our low water for the next couple of months. We went to Ft Mcrae for Saturday night. The wind was in the mid 20’s kts. with the highest gust I saw of 33 kts. I had about half the main and full staysail out. That kept our heal in the 5-10 degree range and 15+ in the heavy gusts.

We have the full enclosure up so it was long sleeve tee shirt time. With the wind and the spray, it was nice to be warm.

As we crossed Pensacola Bay, a large bulk carrier was standing out. It was a race for me at 6 kts to cross his path as he got up to about 10 knots. I believe in the First Law of the Sea, no matter what the books say. Bigger is better. I have a nice size sail boat, but I do not have a big ship. I did get across in plenty of time and he got ahead of me enough that we did not run into him as he made the turn to get out of the pass.

Sunday was pretty chilly out with the wind still blowing about the same. I showed about 50 degrees and that prompted us to crank up the generator and the heat while getting dressed. By 9 am the cockpit had warmed up to tee shirt temps again. Great breakfast.

I put the dinghy in and pumped some more air into it. Another sure sign of winter coming. Like keeping your tire pressure up as fall set in. I tore around the anchorage and then got Mary and we went for a walk on the shore. After the walk, I tore around the anchorage with her and made a turn into the chop and got us both doused with about a bucket of water. That prompted some less then favorable comments from the mate.

Because of the north wind and the tide schedule, we did not leave for home till about 2:30. The wind was the same, but with gusts only in the high 20’s. I used the same sail setup as Saturday. The waves had time to build up and were slightly abaft the beam. Occasionally we would be hit by a set that were more on the quarter which causes us to roll pretty good. Some of the waves would hit us right and cause spray to fly over the bimini. Another good reason to have an enclosure. I have a cousin in Chicago who would have loved it. The only thing is he would have had a lot more sails out and us standing on our ear. At least till Mary threw him over the side. He would have had us exceeding her 18 degree rule. Another fun weekend. And the Blue’s are next weekend.


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