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I know, I do not work my job Mondays and Fridays and I should be able to keep things going. Well that is true, but I have this boat that decided to lay down and die about a month ago. First it was the fresh water pump, then the bilge pump.

I had 1 spare fresh water pumps. The problem was I had delayed rebuilding it and put it away and forgot about it. The motor bearing were going out in the pump I was using and this ment the motor had to go to a repair shop. We had company coming and not having fresh water would have been an embarrassment. So…, I bought a new pump. I think I mentioned in a previous writing about the pressure change in the new pumps. My misgivings were right. You use more water. It is nice to be in the shower while someone else is brushing their teeth and everyone has plenty of water. But really, this is a boat and not a cruise ship.

Then the bilge pump started not lifting the water. It is an old reciprocating pump. The producer has changed designed, therefore, another new pump. We think they can cross reference the old pump number and I will probably get a kit and use it as a backup.

These projects have eaten up my days off and it is main engine oil and filter change time. That was Saturday. I usually allocate 4 hours to do the job and get rid of all leaks and the used oil. This was the best I have done in 14 years. The Raycore came out easy, there was no water in the fuel, only some crud in the bottom. Normal. The secondary fuel filter is the type that comes apart with the filter in the middle. That is a nightmare. This time the 2 large “O” rings came out easy and went in and sealed on the first try. That never happened before. Priming after loosing that much fuel is always a major pain. I am luck in that I have a circuit that will run the electric fuel pump without turning the engine. I turn it on and break the joint where the filter feed goes into the high pressure pump. When it starts poring out fuel with no bubbles You just tighten it up. There are 2 bleed point on the high pressure pump and again run the fuel pump until there are no bubbles. By this time you have blown a pint of fuel all over the engine yourself and half a roll of paper towels. I used to use the oil pads until the boat store decided to make them a stand alone profit center. Bounty, the better picker upper.

Now according to the book, your turn the ignition switch and it starts. That was written by some young engineer who has never bled an engine. I always have to bleed #1 injector and most of the time #3. Now you think the electric fuel pump can make a mess, wait till you get on the down side of the high pressure pump. You go up into the cockpit turn the key and it will start pretty quickly while running on 2 cylinders. Then you go down the latter as fast as you can, usually hitting 1 step, grab you wrench, move some of the wad of paper towels that are stuffed around the nut and tighten #3 and then #1. Now it is purring like a new kitten. While the engine is warming up you again use half a roll of paper towels to clean up the new fuel spill. If your lucky, it only sprays on the engine and not all over the engine room and into the passageway. This is one of the times I happily send the mate shopping. When we go cruising and she can not get away and sees what a mess this is, it not going to be a good day for the skipper. Sunday I relaxed and did next to nothing.

Now it is Monday and a whole new list awaits me.



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