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TIS THAT TIME November 19, 2012

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Racing, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

We were not on the bottom, but sliding along it at low tide. It would be nice if this happened during the night and not in the early afternoon. We may have been able to get out early, but could not get back in until 8 pm. Not fun.

The best part was that it was Formula 1 weekend. Not only, but the first F 1 race in the US in 7 years. It was at a new track in Austin TX. A true world class track. Now we have to figure out how to race the Porsche there. The kid has already figured what it would cost to haul the car and stuff there. Thinking right. Will have to do more planning when we are there for Thanksgiving. The car should be ready. It has spent most of the year being rebuilt. The suspension system, steering, break systems. Bushings, lines calibers, things that are not normal maintenance items. She needed it. She was getting worn to the point of being dangerous. Race cars live a hard life.

Oh, Nightwatch. As mentioned, she sat almost in the mud. Starting to work on new major projects to get ready to sail to the islands in 12 months. We are waiting for water during the day. I will need a sailing fix in 2 weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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