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RACING January 14, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Racing, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing.

Remember, I use to write about my son’s exploits in club racing. If you recall, last ear he crashed out in the 2ed event in January. This was also about the time he committed to his Tuner Porsche. There is a bottom to the car bucket. The car went through a slow fix and then testing which brought to light that the things that were not new may be worn out. Suspension bushings etc. More slow rebuild. He did 2 Chin events at the end of the year. Minor ABS problem, but good to go. With Chin there is no racing, but tons of track time. Great testing.

Off to Winter Fest at Sebring International Speedway. The home track. We got there and set up early Thursday to avoid the crowd. We could have got there Tuesday and still could not have gotten a place with power. Had to listen to a generator all weekend. We parked beside the company that does our major maintenance work. Thursday the track was devoted to practice, qualifying and a 6 hour enduro. We do not do that. The wear and tear on a privateer’s car is bad.

Friday there was practice, qualifying and a 90-minute enduro. That we do. Chad ended up 7th. Not bad considering there are groups from all over the country, most of which would look at our budget as chump change. We did have a starting problem at the end of the mandatory pit stop. I am getting old for a run half way down the pit lane pushing a car that did not want to start. It finally did

Saturday there was a practice, qualifying and a 30 minute heat race. At the end of practice, the car died in the hot pits and would not start. We toed it back to the paddock and let it cool down and got ready for qualifying. It would not even turn over. We started looking for problems. We found the ground terminal on the battery had broke in half. Replace it and the engine turned over like a champ…, just would not fire. Back to looking. Long story short. The computerized dash showed no RPM while turning the engine with the starter. Found the Crank sensor was cut almost in half. Found a sensor and it fired but made a clicking sound. It reads off the flywheel. Drop the trainny. Find a bolt holding flywheel together has backed out half way and is hitting the sensor. Fix, reinstall all and get done just in time for the afternoon race. Did not get to qualify, so must start at the back of the pack. Ran faster then any other car, but ran out of time and finished somewhere in the upper 20%.

Sunday there is only qualifying and a race. Chad won pole. His first in 10 years of racing. He has won races and an annual series, but not a pole. Got passed in the first few hundred feet. By a Cayman. Chad’s Boxer is super under breaking, but does not have the horse power for the long straights. He dropped back to 5+ seconds and finished between 2-3 seconds behind. He filled up the guy’s mirrors for the whole race. The guy never made a mistake. It was exciting racing for all 45 minutes.



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