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Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing.

Three of us sailed to Big Sabine Saturday under blue skies and 10-15 kts of southern breeze. We all got there about 3 PM, launched our dinghies and headed ashore to walk over to see a 22 foot O’day that had washed ashore. She was pretty old and had led a hard life. By the sign on her, the owner plans to drag her back into the water. That may help to clean some of the oysters off her bottom. Many were larger than my hand. All of us returned to our boat for cocktails that lasted well into the night. There was lots of junk food and we had brought Shrimp for dinner and put them out with everything else. It was a great evening. Those of you in the area that were out got treated to one of the best sunsets we have seen in a long time.

Sunday the wind was up into the 20’s and out of the SE. Once in the while we get to go home the right direction. It was a great sail with the wind on the quarter. Got near out cannel and headed back east under full main and staysail. Drove at 5.5 knots into 2+ foot chop healing at 12 degrees. First time I can remember using that combination in 20 knots of wind. We were very pleased with the way she drove into the chop. Put a swell under that chop and it will be Island Time before we know it.



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