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PRIORITIES April 22, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Well, lost that before it even got started. At breakfast the list of suggestions was given. Went to West to check prices and get some zincs. Then it was to the list. Got started on the bright work touch up in the cockpit. Filled water tanks, carried lots of groceries, did some laundry. I still got a full page of thing to be done by dinner time today.

Had a circuit breaker die on me Friday. The company that made my electrical panel has gone out of business. The breakers are smaller then the standard size you get today. I now have a breaker on the engine room side of the panel. I am going to have to redesign the panel to fit the standard size breakers. Just what I need another big project.

My new holding tank should arrive Tuesday, and then I can get started on that project. That will take awhile. All the hoses are 15 years old. I have no stink, but while I have everything out, I may as well replace all the hoses and clamps. I think I rather work on the electrical project. Something about working on heads just does not excite me. I seem to do a lot of work on our heads. I wonder if all boats are that way…, I think so. One of the ways God even things out for allowing one to live his dream.



1. Tim Donley - April 22, 2013

Regarding the holding tank. I don’t know if it was ever plumbed but under the shaft-log in the aft stateroom there is a cavity 40-45 gallons that was topped off as a tank for any use, fuel, water, holding or rum as one client did. Look under the the shaft & you will see a flat surface that drains forward to the engine bilge. there are a few fittings like a 1-1/2″ pipe flange and a 3/4″ pipe flange & maybe a vent. If this was never plumbed you may use this as a holding tank.
This is something I have shown to other (not original owners).
Good luck.
Let me know.
Tim Donley, Stuart, FL

sailingnightwatch - April 29, 2013


Thanks for the info. I met another Durbeck owner that used that for waste. He set it up to do the Great Circle a few years back. Mine had fuel in it when I bought the boat. I had it cleaned and have only recently reactivated it in anticipation of our cruise.

Keep reading this, Tim, give advice anytime, things are coming together fast. Too fast. Plan to leave for Tampa the first of December and spend Christmas their with son. Then head on around to a jump off place to the Bahamas. Then on through the islands and end in Granada for hurricane season. Then head back up…, maybe. The wife says she will buy on for one year. Then reevaluate. Lot to do with grand daughter. I understand. We will take one year at a time.

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