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That’s about it. We were going out Saturday about 11 am. No wind and low 90’s. Good time to be a power boater. The sea breeze did pick up but it started light in the early afternoon and did not build till 3 pm. The AC felt good.

Saturday we went and bought an iPad. It will be a backup chart plotter. Now I have 2 electronic things that are way smarter then I am. The instruction book, which is on line, is 157 pages long. Hate that. I am not printing 150+ pages to peruse. I like to turn down corners of important pages. I have a yellow marker for the really important stuff. Going back and forth on a computer is really a pain in the ass. The money they saved by not printing the book…,it did not reduce the price one penny. I will suffer through and probably master what I want it to do in a year of so. Like my smart phone.

I talked to someone this weekend who is looking at upgrading to a newer faster smart phone. Perish the thought. A few more milliseconds will not help my old slowing down brain. I have so much stuff on my phone that if I would loose it I would have to think about suicide. I do not even know the Mates phone number. Have not had a land line since the hurricane Ivan and have not missed it. Everybody I know has a phone number in my phone. I have several weather programs and tide tables on it. There is a bunch of other stuff on the home page that came with the phone that I have never used and don’t know how to get rid of. That’s all right, when people see me start my phone and see all those icons, they think I am really with this technology stuff.

Back to the iPad. Now I have to figure out how to get the chart book CD’s onto the iPad. Bluetooth, cloud, something.

I have 7 chart books laying on the settee. We are starting to lay out our cruise. It is fun, the mate is laying out waypoints. It does generate enthusiasm and some anxiety.

I do proof read this thing. Have you ever noticed how it is a series of thoughts that are not tied together. I need to work more on my composition.



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