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BUSY BUSY BUSY August 28, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

We wanted to go out this past weekend, but the rain was around. Not a lot, but enough. That was OK. We had many thing to do. The forward stateroom is full of stuff. Big, real stuff. The wind generator, the new VHF antenna for the Mizzen mast. Also the coax and the bracket to hold up the antenna. There are also spares. Spare pump and float switch for the shower sump. There are other boxes who’s content I have forgotten. The new water maker is in the dock lord’s garage.

My wife has her own things coming. A washer/spin dryer. A hand sewer, clothes, shoes…, got to have shoes. A light for over the stove. Some Guest fans. The list goes on.

We go into the yard in 2 weeks, if we do not sink first. The dock lord and I were walking around and discussing the need to raise my water line. Part of this is due to adding 30 gallons of fuel to the aft fuel tank. I have not used it since I got the boat. Why drag around more fuel then you will use in a year. We have used about 100 gallons per year. I can carry over 120 gallons. All this extra fuel would do is create drag, moisture, bugs and other growth.

This week I did accomplish one project. I installed a cockpit shower. I have a feeling this will be one of those items that we will ask ourselves why we did not do this 15 years ago. One small step for mankind.



1. Ben - August 29, 2013

Y’all will love the washer/spin dryer. What brand/model wind generator did you go with? I concur on raising the waterline while she is out of the water. We raised ours last haul, but after adding heavier dinghy, generator (albeit a Honda eu3000i), etc, with the fuel and water tanks full, she is right at her water line, so next time we’ll raise ours.

sailingnightwatch - September 3, 2013


The wind Gen is a Kiss. Made in Tarpon Springs. Used to be made in Trinidad. Thought to be one of the two best on the market. The other is make in England and cost about twice as much.

The washer is cute. Think it is going to be a water hog. We will have to play with it.

Do you use bleach in it? There was a comment in the directions about not cleaning it with bleach, I was wondering about clothes. Or using Oxyclean.

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