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RETIREMENT NO. 3 I THINK September 3, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

This should be the real one. It was cool. I was bought lunch by 2 of my co-workers the last 2 days of work. I am not a big lunch eater, but both days I ate as much as I would in a big dinner. It was good. Many thanks to those who paid.

The office staff had a cookies and cup cakes gathering for me. The cup cakes were fantastic. The frosting was as good as the Mate can make. The cookies were also delicious. There were a couple cup cakes left and it was a struggle for them to make it home. On the way, the Mate ate most of the frosting off hers. The cookies did not fair as well.

Thanks to everyone for the nice wishes for the next phase of my life.

Friday was back to projects. I got the wiring almost done for the wind generator. Just have to connect the generator to the rectifier and the wires from the rectifier to the battery bank.

This being a 3 day weekend, we had planned to go to Red Fish Pt on Saturday. Well, projects got in the way. The mate got this little washer/spin drier. She also got a new light for over the stove. Something we should have done years ago. Well I unpacked the light and tested it and the switch was bad. So I went off to town to buy a new switch. When I got back the Mate was ready to play with her new toy. This past 2 weeks has been like Christmas. I got a couple of my work t-shirts that could not be hurt and gave them to the experiment. It worked like a charm, but I think it uses a lot of water. Time will tell. The test was very light on clothes and you have to fill it to the same level no matter what the load. More closes should mean less water. That’s my theory anyway.

This week I have to build a shelf to put the water maker on. This will go below our bed. Not an easy place to build anything.



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