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AND SOME OF IT GETS DONE September 28, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Racing, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Friday it rained and the hull did not get painted. Nothing else happened either. When the weather is bad, they will not let you on the boats for fear of lightning strikes. It has happened. In fact they had one boat catch fire from a strike.

Monday was a still threatening, but some work was done. We did some more work on the mast that are improvements. Overall not a lot was done. I did get the wind generator bracket installed and the new antenna coax pulled. The mechanic worked on freeing up a bracket on the mast.

Tuesday was no improvement weather wise. Still no engine work. I do not know what will get me first, a heart attack or a stroke. Frustration. Then the flood hit.

Wednesday. Weather looks good. I Installed the generator and then tried to install the flat 10-3 power cable the bring home the power. That took an hour and again some good ideas from the mechanic. Still no engine work. Friday launch looks grim.

We got the mast steeped. It was up by 3 P.M. and my main contractor left to go watch the America’s Cup. A worthy reason. I spent the rest of the day tightening turn buckles and putting in cotter keys.

Thursday was good for me. I got both the coax and line from the wind generator pulled and connected. The new antenna is very quiet. I cleaned all the connections on the old higher antenna, but still get static.

The shaft is leaving Miami today, they say. We are going to get splashed either Tuesday of Wednesday. Had to begg for the house for 5 more days. Very gracious friends. The mechanic say he will work on the engine this weekend. He is known for working weekends. Get lots done without interruptions. I hope so, I pray so. Ya got to have faith, lots and lots of faith. I will not go to the boat and leave him alone.

Eric, my main man has about ½ a days work to finish. The hole is patched, we decided to change from a straight to a 90 degree fitting coming off the Brine discharge through hull. Then screws in the mast step and he is done. I want to use him to secure me when I go up the mast to attach the propeller to the wind generator. Then we will close the circuit breaker through the switch and be thankful when another plan come together, or wonder what kinds of electronics I fried. This could be the beginning of a good weekend or you could watch a grown man cry.

For those of you wondering about my racing hobby. My son is trying to sell his entire racing set up. This is Porsche Boxer S with a 3.6 911 engine in it. Full race car. Not streetable. Includes 45+/_ foot 5th wheel trailer, many spares and specialty tools, a pit vehicle, all for about $70k. All is negotiable. There is a Chevy diesel duelly. pull vehicle that also could be had. This is a winning club racer. Yea, I will and do miss it. But we are leaving for an extended cruise in 2 months.

I will post this when I get to a hot spot. See, I am beginning to break you in for when we go cruising and are out of touch.



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