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ABOUT A WEEK November 25, 2013

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

We are now into the weather window situation. A weather window is when here will be nice enough weather to sail comfortably to a destination. As an example tonight there is a low in the Gulf that is producing a lot of wind and rain. I saw wind forecasts that would bring it into the Gale level. NOT A WEATHER WINDOW.

I am disappointed. Yesterday the long range forecast was for this thing calming down Saturday afternoon and Sunday was to be excellent. In fact the coming week was to fit into our various destinations down to Clearwater. How dumb am I. The weather people have a hard time with 12 to 24 hours. And, I expect them to do 7 – 15 days. Ya right. By today, Saturday calmed down, but Sunday was out of the east at 10 knots. That would mean punching into building seas. Gentleman don’t go to weather. Da Mate says Ladies definitely do not go to weather and would mutiny against those who would try to make them go to weather. Hmmm.

The middle of next week is rainy with building wind and seas. By then we are back to the 7+ day forecast. The trip will happen.

It has been another very busy week. Got the boat fueled up, Got the last of the vender projects done and paided for. Storage is being rearranged and most everything is bought. The son and daughter-in-law are driving up for Thanksgiving and taking our car back with them on Friday. I am ready, just need the weather to smile our way.

For those of you who would like to follow us, I will have a method. I will be setting up with Ship Track that will keep my position, more or less. There are 2 plus times my position is relayed and occasionally they make a mistake. That’s OK they are volunteers. All you have to do is crank up your computer and go to:
Then type in my call sign; KJ4LEI. The next space is for how long you want to see our track. Put in 30 days, forever or whatever their choices are. Hit enter and sit back and enjoy. You will get a Google Map with a little note giving our Lat/Long, number of people on board and a short note. When we spend a period of time in one place we will not have any updates. That will happen in Tampa and Georgetown, Bahamas and other places.

I will keep the Blog updated as much as possible. I will try to do more pictures. Pray for good weather. Till the next time.



1. Chuck and Donna - November 28, 2013

We wish you fair winds, following seas and GREAT WEATHER WINDOWS!! Chuck and Donna

sailingnightwatch - November 30, 2013

Thanks. Taking this months DA award winner. He will do anything to miss the meeting. Meet us in the islands.

Keep my dock lord in line. He lets the grass get to long on occasions. Still best dockmaster there is.

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