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We are anchored in a cove at Longboat Key, between Bradenton and Sarasota. We are about a hundred yards from a bar that has high speed internet and no security. A dream come true. The speed makes what I had from AT&T a joke. Now my new computer is faster, but this is to good.

Anyway, we are finally on our way. We do not have family around from here on south. Just us and guests. My son has been wanting to make the trip across the Gulf Stream for fishing. About the time we will be staging for the crossing he has his annual meeting. It only lasts 3 days, so we will probably wait till the first of Feb to cross. Time will tell.

The trip from Tampa here was a bore. We had 6-10 knots dead on the stern. That is our slowest point of sail and we roll. We therefore motored all the way. With the wind behind we get to smell diesel fumes all day plus the new engine parts are slowly burning off the new paint smell. I do not like diesel fumes, but the paint fumes are almost sickening. I know, oh poor you. Did I mention it was overcast all day. I did wear a sweatshirt this morning. OK I am happy to be underway. Now to relax.

Mary needs to do that also. She went out shopping at least twice each day. All during the Christmas rush. She would bring home a large dock cart or two of stuff on each trip, then find a place for it and log into a book she started so we can find it when we need it. Mostly paper products. Lots of TP. Lots of paper towels. Tons of other stuff. Thing people have said either you can not get of it will cost you an arm and a leg for in the islands. There is lots of can goods. Ziplock bags, sun tan lotion, many types of cleaning products, personal hygiene products. The list go on. We could start our own Walmart. I did my part with engine consumables, parts for the watermaker, etc. Think. Supplying your home for 18 months.

Tomorrow we will go to a marina in Venice. I was amazed we could get a slip on New years Eve. That was not a problem. Now the restaurant we wanted to eat at has been booked for weeks. We did find a bar that lets people in on a first come first serve bases. Being old, we will sneak around with the other old people and get the early bird special. Then we will have to hang out till the party gets going. I can see we will be in bed before the New Year. Great.

Happy New Year All.



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