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Tomorrow we start off on another page of our adventure. We leave the trailer park.., ah, Marathon. It has been an experience. One expects to get a mooring ball after a while. They have over 200. The problem is that they only have 16 for boats over 45 feet long. Those are occupied by snowbirds who bring there boats down or have them brought down and get a ball early in the season and then have a winter home for $400 per month. Not a bad deal. Take your boat and run down to Key West for a weekend or South Beach, or just sit on your boat and observe the goings on.

We have planned our trip to Bimini in the Bahamas with 2 other boats that will be traveling with us. One of the couples has been to the Bahamas on there boat but left from Miami and did not go to Bimini. They are our experienced boat. We and the other boat are newbies. Don’t know where we are going, how to get there, or what to do when we get there.

You listen to the weather experts, other want-to-be experts and end up making your own plan. And pray. Tomorrow is a 16-20 hour right of passage for us. There is to be little of no wind and pretty calm seas. There may be enough wind to sail, which would be a treat. We must get to Bimini, check in with customs and immigration and get a couple hours sleep and leave to go across the Great Bahama Bank to Nassau. The rush is to beat the next cold front to Nassau. Another 20 hours. One can get stuck in Bimini, which gets expensive because you have to stay at a Marina. Transient rates are very expensive. There is no place to anchor that gives you protection from a front, so you pay or leave. Nassau has some good anchorages, plus the front is to be dying out by the time it gets there.

We are shutting down our phone service tomorrow. In the areas we are spending some time we have “open” phones which we will get a card for while we are in those countries. Otherwise we will have to wait to find a hot spot. And to think 10 years ago you would do this and maybe call and check on the kids every month or so. Now we have to find an anchorage with good wifi reception so we can facetime.

So, until the next hot spot.



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