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ADRENILIN January 29, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing.

What a rush, I do not know where to start. To much so this will be choppy. We were stuck in Marathon at an anchorage with no wifi. Parish the thought. Left Marathon Sunday about 10:30. Sailed all night and arrived Bimini about 7:30. Long rollie, bumpy night. Checked into customs and immigration and left about 12:30 for a trip across the Grand Bahama Bank. It is 20 feet deep and you can see your shadow on the bottom of the water. It was flat calm once away from Bimini so we motored till about 7:30 and anchored out in the middle of a hundred miles of water. Really nothing there but the stars and water. Left early Tuesday morning and are now in West Bay, New Providence Island, Bahamas. That is where Nassau and the Atlantis hotel are. My alternator died on the way over. These friends who have been traveling with us found a guy at brunch this morning and he volunteered to take them to get water, then came out to see how my project was coming. Told them and this guy has a brother on another island and asked where we could get a new one. He told us of a marina on the other end of the island. About 20 miles. My alternator is a Delco so I said if you have a Chevy dealer I could probably get one there. No luck but new the parts supplier and sent us there. They carry all the parts for all the dealers and shops in town. Nassau is about the size of Pensacola, just not as cold. We got a new one and will install it tomorrow. The guy is a chef at one of the big hotels here and this was his day off. We filled up his car and fed him dinner. We ate conk salad, not bad. He chose the place and gave a running list of how they could improve there food.

Tomorrow I finish the alternator and also check the battery bank in the engine room to make sure I do not have a bad cell in one of them.

We are going to the Exzumas next maybe in a couple days.

More next time.



1. Stan Carver - January 30, 2014

Glad u guys made it across the “dreaded” Gulf Stream with no incidents. Just keep minding Chris Parker and u will be fine. Isn’t it strange coming across the shallow banks? Enjoy my friends, you are now initiated.

sailingnightwatch - February 2, 2014

Thanks Stan. It is beautiful. Met friends that we will part with this coming morning. Been traveling together since Cabage Key. LOts of fun.

We are waiting on you, lets go. And drag alone that Ben guy also.

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