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CHANGES February 17, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing.

Well we did not get to Little Farmers Cay. We had perfect conditions so we press on to Rudder Cut Cay. Scary place to enter because there are huge rocks all over the entrance. I mean like the size of big houses. You head for one get a couple hundred yards away with the swell pushing you in and hang a hard right and there you are. It is a private island with guard dogs on the beach. That was OK because we went over to a small cay, hiked, swam. Had a great time and met two couples that were doing the same thing. The beach was maybe 50 feet wide and was in the middle of the island. On either end of the beach were the rest of the island made of lime and coral rock. Interesting geology. You could swim on either side of the beach.

The next day went on to Georgetown on Greater Exuma Island. Town of a few thousand, has a grocery store about the size of Shoreline in Pensacola. There is also a small hardware store, 2 filling stations 2-liquor stores some hotels, restaurants and bars. Across the harbor is Stocking Island. It has several beaches on it and a bar and is like a big park. We did the Valentine’s dance at the bar call Chat and Chill. Had a blast. Went to Church on the beach Sunday, beside the bar. Get to dig your toes in the sand while I got eaten by no-seems. We were going to leave tomorrow for a marina, fuel up, do laundry, get water, but our weather window closed and we will be here till next Monday at least. Not a bad place to be. Have to get motor oil and do oil changes while here. Went to town to get oil this AM and the freighter just got in and there was no oil in gallons to be had.

The dinghy ride to town in 2+ feet chop was harrowing and very wet. Nice being in 80+ degree weather and 80+ degree water. Weather going to get worse through the end of the week. Blowing 20 knots now and going up to 30 knots by Thursday.

Mary wants to stock up on some groceries and I told her to take the water taxi. The dinghy ride would have scared her to death.

Pics. You probably noticed the lack of. Mary is writing on my Facebook page and putting in the pictures. They are down loaded one at a time and very slowly. We are using our hotspot, and therefore not doubling the effort. You can find it at Facebook.com/RalphKnoerr. Lots of Pics. The Mate is the official photographer for the cruise. She has also become trip planner and doing all the research to find where we are going. She has vested interest. She is trying to do the whole Caribbean without doing an overnight. Well only a few.

We are using way to much electricity. All into our stand up refrigerator. All the women love it including the mate, but it is very inefficient. It takes forever to recover when you open it up. We are having to run the generator 3 hours a day just to keep the batteries up. Not good and expensive. But it is one of those things we are stuck with.

More next time. This is a beautiful part of the world.



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