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MOVING ON February 23, 2014

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About time. We went to Georgetown just in time for a few days of squally windy weather. 30 knots and the anchor alarm set up too tight to wake you before anything really went bad. Well that means you spend the night in your rain gear in the cockpit with the chartplotter glaring into your tired eyes. Ah, better safe then sorry. It was only one night, the second night was not as bad and I set the alarm up for at least the length of our anchor set. I had laid out the second anchor rode on deck just in case we drug. I could trip the anchor and it would pay out by itself while I ran the engine to keep out of harms way while the primary re-dough in and the second also dough in. Or at least that is the theory.

The next 7 days started with 2 almost calm and then back to the 20’s for wind. So we were stuck. But we refined our plans for the next weather window.

We are in it we hope. The plan is to make it to the Turks and Caicos by Friday, as I say, we hope. To start, Saturday we went to Emerald Bay Marina. We have not been in a marina since Tampa. It is part of Sandals properties. A very nice marina, with free laundry. The water is expensive (40 cents/gal) but we fueled up, did laundry, got some water, and had a great dinner.

The dinner we needed. The night before we went to a talent presentation by cruisers as the kick off to race week in Georgetown. There was dinner for $10 per person. You got chicken, fish, hamburgers or hotdogs. By the time they had fed maybe half the people, they ran out of fish and chicken. The poor guys doing hamburgers ended up grilling hamburgers for over 100 people on a big 55 gallon drum grill. They ended up burning anything to keep it hot. Stick, cardboard, whatever. We were lucky we found out right a way the food was running out and shifted to hamburgers. We got warn half cooked hamburgers. Did not get sick so all was well. The talent was very good. Had a few acts that were retired pros. Also a few that were made up of musicians that were talented at putting together some very slick acts with some questionable talent. A Blues Brothers skit that had it down, and a group that sang a song from the 70’s but changed the word to make fun of the daily happenings in the Georgetown anchorage. Great fun, just worried about dying before sunrise.

Dinner was at this restaurant at Grand Isle Vilas. It is built out into the biggest swimming pool I ever been around. It is like a big pagoda built out over the middle of the pool. We had pool side seats and could not see both end of the pool. The center area was an infinity pool across from us and during the day looked out on the Exuma sound. Cool. The mate had lobster and rice. It was to die for. I had a loin cut steak. Thick. Also to die for. We wanted a nice dinner after the previous evening, but did not expect to have the dinner and service and surrounding we ended up with. Yes it was expensive, but was real meals, not foo-foo stuff you get at some fancy restaurants, plus with the service and quality extras to go along with it. Nothing in Pensacola comes close. We have had some really good experiences at restaurants around the world and this one will always rank up very near the top.

Today we left the marina and motored into 2-3-4 foot seas with 13-18 kts of wind 19 degrees off the starboard bow. Up and down, spray flying over the bow and slamming into waves that would take you from 5.5 knots to 2.9 knots in a few yards. The big one were coming in set of 4 to 5 waves and almost bring you to a stop. It would take you almost a minute to get your speed built back up, go for a minute or to and then hit the next set. We got in about 3 pm after clearing the marina around 9 am. A long slog to weather. Today is why gentlemen are not suppose to go to weather. One of these days we will get to sail.

Tomorrow we will go to Clarence Town by Booby Rock also on Long Island. We will round the northern point of the island and head 2/3rds the way down the eastern side. Nothing between us and Africa to the east. Kind of freaks out the mate. She is learning. Still apprehensive about being out in the real ocean. She would call it SCARED.



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