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This was another overnight. We got underway from 6 Hills Cays about 8 am and worked our way back out through the rocks to the Atlantic. Good by rocks for a while. We made ridiculously good time. Got in the area about 4 am instead of 7. We were supposed to have a 1 knot current against us all the way, but had a 1+ knot in our favor. We also had a perfect beam reach 10-12 knot breeze. We motor sailed to charge batteries, make water and make the best time in case we ran into fowl wind and current. About 5 pm a cold front caught up to us and we lost our good breeze and it changed to being directly behind us. That also moved our 3 foot beam seas to 3-4 foot astern by the time we got to the DR. Back to rolling 10 degrees each way. Very tiring.

Mary was standing about 1-1/2 hour watches which allowed me to get some sleep. It does not hit me till the next night, then I really sleep.

We are at a marina. It has both customs and immigration and the Navy here and the customs and Navy come to your boat. Immigration is in a building at the end of the pier. Very convenient and efficient. Great for a country like this. Monday we went into town to tour and restock groceries. This is a very poor country, but nothing when you compare it to Haiti next door.

We toured a Amber Museum, a cigar factory, the cathedral, ate lunch and then went grocery shopping. That was a pleasant surprise. The first store was a terrible. It has an arrangement with the marina because the owner ran up a big debt at the casino. It was small and under stocked. We went to another store that was like a mid size Walmart. Very nice and well stocked. And reasonable. Hard to shop when you are converting money on everything you look at. We got to check out having no clue what we were going to spend. We will not touch the water. The marina water is not potable. The bottled water is suspect. Kids will take empty bottles and refill them and sell them to the stores. That means it is a beer and wine country. That is why we motor sail and make water. Nice super clean water. Water maker was a good investment.

Today, Tuesday, I did projects. Met with a sailor who is heading the opposite direction and has made many trips through these parts. Got some great information. He is leaving for the Turks and Caicos and we are leaving Thursday for the east end of the DR. There we will wait a weather window to cross the Mono Pass and enter Porto Rico. Then on to the Virgin Island and the real vacation time begins. We will slow down and visit more islands and get ashore more often and tour. All our long stops have been weather related and other than Georgetown we did not get to do much touring. We knew it would be that way.

Thursday is another overnighter. 100 miles and then sit till the next window opens up. The 3 buddy boats that we tagged along with are staying here for a couple weeks so new friends will be in the offering. I am so ready for the Virgin Islands.



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