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Yep. They had a 1 day regatta Saturday with 3 races scheduled. They only did 2, I withdrew from the second race because of the 3+ chop was making my passage so slow, the race committee would have died from exposer before I got finished. First race I was last, but with my rating, the real racers are afraid. Even with a withdrawal, I finished 8th out of 9. Who ever the 9th, he had to be really bad.

We ended up staying at this 5 star resort for 9 days and had 7 days free. We spent $270 which included a few meals, several drinks, a hair cut and god only knows what else. Not a bad deal. I figure the rooms at the hotel were probably cost several times per night what we paid total. Life is good…,at times.

We left Sunday morning for Porto Rico. It started fine for the first 6 hours and then deteriating to the second worse sailing experience so far. That is why life is not always good. The Mona Passage is known as being a bad place, well it gave us mid 20 winds on the nose and 4-5 with occasional 6’ seas. The outside of the boat and us were covered in salt. The inside looked like a bomb went off. One of these day we will have another nice day of sailing. Not motoring, not motorsailing.

Today, Tuesday we went to the absolute SW end of PR. It is called Caba Rojo. I do not know Spanish, but I think rojo means rolly. It would be a good name for this anchorage. Tomorrow we are going to Gillian’s Island. Yep, that Gillian. It is where the series was shot. It is about 20 miles away. We will leave at 6 am and hope to get in by 10. That beats the sea breeze, we hope.

When they say sea breeze, with mountains around they are talking serious wind. In the 20’s. That builds up a sea very quickly. Therefore, we move across the south coast of PR at first light. Hope to get in by 9-10 am.



1. Stan - March 25, 2014

Hey guys. So you have completed the dreaded Mona Passage now. Wow! That was fun for me also. Of the five boats that left
Luperon only two of us got there on time and
I was towing one of them. The other three had fuel and rigging problems and came in a week later.

Have fun sailing along PR. It feels like you will never get to the end. Watch out for the winds coming between those mountain passes.

Living it again through you.


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