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WORLD WIND 9 DAYS April 17, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

My son left for home today, kind of. Had airplane troubles and is spending the night at the Charlotte Airport. He had a great time. He gets involved 100% in the things he does. There has been photography, 12 years of racing, and now fishing. He has become a fishing feign. We left Charlotte Ameil and spent the first night at Christmas Cove. The next morning we went to Trunk Bay and snorkeled in a beautiful area with all kinds of coral and hundreds of fish. That was a beautiful beach. After snorkeling, we headed to Jost Van Dyke in the BVI’s. After checking in we went to 2 world famous drinking establishments. First was The Soggy Dollar. You anchor right off the beach and swim in, hence the name Soggy Dollar. The other was Foxies. We ate dinner after too many Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar and proceeded to dance the night away. A great time.

The next morning we went on to Cane Garden Bay. The fishing was great with Tarpon all around. Hooked and touched leader on 1 during the day and 3 in the evening. International Tarpon Assoc laws say you only have to touch the leader and if it jumps free, it is a catch. That is part of the catch and release that is set up to preserve that great game fish. The anchorage there sucked. It was the rolliest place yet. Almost got the mate sea sick during the night, but didn’t.

The next day we went to Normans Island. Home of Willy T’s world famous drinking establishment. Also one of the more wild places to go. If you jump off there upper deck in the buff, you get a free tee shirt. We saw one guy and girl get there tee shirts. This was in the late afternoon. God only knows what happened late at night.

That night we ate dinner at Pirates. A very nice and somewhat expensive eating establishment. I had a tenderloin that had to be close to 4 inches thick. Very good.

Did I mention mooring balls. These are floats in the water that you moor your boat to, for $30 a night. If there is one available, you are to use it before anchoring. That adds up quickly as does the bar bills. The fishing here was non-existent.

The 13th we headed for the Baths. This is a beach with giant boulders standing up on it. You must use a mooring ball or leave. It fills up in early afternoon. We got a early start and ran direct into head winds and a heavy current that was also on the nose. This was to be a 3.5 hour sail. After 4 hours of motor sailing, we were about half way and it would be to late to get a ball. Therefore we went into Cooper Island. Pretty little town and only mooring balls. We did get one, and when the place filled up, it was crowded. We hardly got moored when a good size Barracuda took up residency under the boat. That curtailed swimming by the Capt. and Mate. Oh well. Our resident fisherman did catch the Cuda, let him go and he just moved back in under the boat. Now I am not really going in the water. Bad enough to have a curious toothy fish under your boat, but now add pissed off with a sore mouth.

The son did catch a nice size Jack Crevel.

The next day we headed for Cruise Bay to get the son check back into the USA. We used the governments Float plan program that you get off the internet. It was set up by the same people that did Obama Care program. It does not work. It is a riot to here the stories people tell about using the system. First you are to call in when you reach the US. You have to have a phone for the government. Ah, You have to go ashore to get your phone set. But you can not go ashore because you did not check in.

After checking in we went to Caniel Bay St John’s. We went ashore and ate lunch at the resort there. This is a very nice place. Lunch for 3 was almost as expensive as dinner we had at Norman’s island.

Tuesday we had to get back to Charlotte Amiel because of the kid’s flight Wednesday morning. He wanted to do some deep-water fishing, so we headed out into the Caribbean to check out the deep-water fish. That barracuda is back, maybe grew some, but got caught. Also a mid size Spanish.

Got in, went ashore to check email and get our tracking device set up. I think it works. Those of you who have Facebook are to be able to go to my sight and see where we are at. Neat thing. It allows us to pair our iPad and this thing through satellite. We can then send 160 character messages. They are for your relatives so they can communicate in times of stress. It also allow you to publish our location. Something that has been very problematic, if you have been trying to follow us.

This AM, put the kid ashore to go home. Then the mate did laundry and then we went to a marine store on the other side of the island. Tomorrow in the wind and rain we are to go grocery shopping. We will be here for a few days waiting for a weather window across Anegada Pass. That is our next big overnight. We will stage in the east end of the BVI’s and then go to St Martins in the Lee Wards. Will try to get this posted before leaving.



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