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Very close to being done with the Virgin Islands. We left St Thomas this morning after a week weather delay. Went straight to Virgin Gorda, which is the furthest east before getting into the Leeward Islands. We will check in to the BVI tomorrow to checkout the next day. We hurried to get here in time to check in, but it is Carnival here and this is the last night. Big parades, lots of neighborhood bands, dancers, etc. The Customs and Immigration offices were closed this afternoon. Did not get to see much because of tying up at a marina so we could equalize the batteries. It has been only a month since we did that last, but who knows when we’ll have another chance. Also, the rate for the marina was reasonable. I am actually writing this in air conditioning. Cool…, in oh so many ways.

Actually the temperature is very confortable. The days are in the mid 80’s and the nights in the low 70’s. There is always a breeze, so sleeping is good. Seems I mentioned the rolling last time. Setting in Long Bay in St Thomas waiting a weather window was rollie.

Tomorrow, we will go to the Baths in the morning. These are large rock formations along the beach. I will snorkel alone, the mate has caught a cold she blames on the swimming in the cold water. It is cool enough that good Florida people would not get in it.

After the baths we will go to the north end of the island and stage for the next big overnight. We will be crossing the Anagota Passage. It is about 18 hours. That should help us get caught up on making water. We had got down to 50 gallons. Short of showers we use about 13 gallons a day. Not bad. Today’s trip we got up to about 100 gallons and Wednesday, we should get things topped off. We did shopping and laundry over the weekend. Everything is full, a good way to start off a new group of islands.

Well, I shall pounder my charts in my air conditioned saloon and try to figure out where I am to end up Thursday Morning.



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