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NO BATHS April 30, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

No baths and no showers. Getting used to that, do not know if other people are. Did not go to the BATHS at this point. The mates cold is not better and she is afraid of getting in the cold water. We slept in and went to the north end of the island to stage. The A/C was nice.

That evening we had several helpings of Buffalo wings for dinner while being entertained by this singing pirate who was part of a charter group that was there. All was good.

We left about 9 am for the Anagota Passage to St Martine. The crossing went easy and we got to St Martine about 3 am. One does not go into new places in the dark, so I sailed in a square to kill time. Not good. About 6 am the first of 8 cruise ships show up doing the same thing I am, killing time. I do not even think they can see me, or care as they do there squares, killing time. One I did call on the radio to insure he knew we were out there. He informed me he would miss me, and he did. About 8 am we did get anchored in Simpson Bay, St Martins.

Big mistake. First it was rollie. Big rollie every 12 hours when we were at high tide. Second the French side of the island has all the good restaurants and pastry shops. We made it over to the breakfast enough to keep my big gut well supplied. And it was good. The first couple blocks from the bay on the French side were filled with restaurants and bars. Very nice.

We were there for 6 days to tour, resupply, do laundry, maintain the local marine supply store (local West Marine). Same prices as the local store.

Left this morning for St Barts. Anchored in Anes De Columbier bay to spend the night and go to check in tomorrow. We did go ashore and climbed towards this town about 500 feet up the hill. We got about 400 feet and decided we did not need to see some houses. Headed back down. Had a great swim when we got back down.

We are on a mooring buoy with about 25 other boats and maybe another 10 that are anchored. Good protection from the wind and not very rollie at all. I am ready for a good nights sleep.

We have decided to spend May in the Leeward Islands. There are not many, and this should give us time to see the ones we want to and spend sometime touring. We have been accused of running fast through Paradise, and we have. We have sat waiting for weather windows to often and then going fast to get east before the next weather system came through. We have done a lot of motoring and motor sailing. Far more then we had thought or budgeted for. Even today, where we are starting SE, the wind was on our nose and we motor sailed. Someday we will sail. I can not really complain, we get to make water and charge batteries while motoring. More on the main engine then anticipated, but the fuel burned is doing several things at the same time.

We should have WIFI tomorrow night.



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