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ST BARTS May 7, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

No matter what you think of the French, they know how to cook. Be it pastries or different courses of a meal. So much for trying to loose the gut.

St Barts is a place for the beautiful people. That is why we are here. The first couple blocks clear around the bay is filled with top dollar stores. The ladies have a dream come true. The place is expensive. Lost a part over the side and thought I would pay about $5 to replace it. Try $19.50. Got a second one, they can fall over the side and it is critical. So much for stuff. Lets talk food.

We found a bakery that opened before my eyes. By the time we got there the choices had been reduced by 50%. God only know what those tasted like. The left overs we ate were unbelievably good. There coffee come in two types, espresso, the real stuff like you get in Europe, and American coffee. It comes in a small cup, about twice the size of espresso. That is so they do not have any deaths on the sidewalk tables. It is very good, and strong enough to dissolve your insides. I do not know how they do that with out it getting bitter. It is really good. That became our morning routine. Get up, dress, motor to shore, walk 2 blocks up hill, get in line for food and then in line for a table on the sidewalk. So much for breakfast. We did buy a baquet. That is loaf of French bread that tastes a certain way that is different then the 10 other types of French Bread. We had it with wine and cheese for cocktails. Really good.

Shall we move on to lunch. There was this sidewalk café between the Goochie store and a store that starts with an H that had stuff women buy to enhance the dress you just bought for the price of a few months’ house payments. I walked in just to look around and never had I thought that you could spend 4 figures on a little bracelet that the teens like to wear. I am not talking full of diamonds, just regular looking glass stuff. Little scarves, shoes, don’t ask, the one I saw on display were 600EU. In dollars that is 1.4 times the number of EU’s.

Back to lunch. I had 3 sliders. They were on buns that were a pastry. The hamburger was of exceptional quality. They came with home made chips that were sliced so thin you could see the capillaries’ of the potato. Also very good. The mate had some kind of Rap thing and salad. She did not want to leave. Figured she had died and gone to heaven. That may have been the most expensive lunch I ever had. And yea I would do it again tomorrow. We had other great lunches during the week, but nothing compared. Because of that we chose that place for dinner. All the restaurants put there menus outside so you can see before you sit down.

I had steak, the mate lobster. It was to die for. There is nothing more to say.

I will learn French, but this is my choice for being an x-pat.

Now one would think with all this great food, you have a lot of over weight people. Not so. I saw 3 over weight Americans and 2 Native women that were working on a sailboat selling Vegetables for another island. That was it. It is amazing. I never saw an overweight teenager, mothers with a heard of kids, it just was not there. Now in the restaurants, the serving sizes are small, but satisfying.

We moved on to St Kitts today. Will tell you about that next week. I am just waiting to get back to a French island.



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