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SOMETHING NEW May 30, 2014

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Heading to Deshise, Guadalupe. That is Day-ya. I do not know, that is just the way they say it. Anyway, we got up early and when I cranked in the anchor, it did not come up. It was stuck. Tried rocking the boat fore and aft, still stuck. It is 6 am and the dive shops do not open till 8 am. 2 hours to sit and do nothing. I ended up leaving out about twice as much chain and motored around in different directions. Cranked it all back in and still stuck. Then I notice we are drifting away. I crank some more on the anchor and she is coming up. Wahoo, no diving bill, no delay and we are off about a half hour late. Within about 2 hours we pass our buddy boat who was sailing only. We were motor sailing while making water.

Got to Deshise, checked in and found the bakery. That is our breakfast place in these French islands. They know how to make pastries. We also found restaurants, laundry, and small grocery stores. And the place is a real nice small town.

A great surprise was a botanical garden. For the entrance fee they came and picked us up and brought us back. FREE. Well, it was probably in the admissions fee. I have see botanic gardens in at least 6 places around the world. The best is in Victoria B.C. It was built on the estate of the inverter of dynamite. This place was second. Of course, the plants are tropical, but really beautiful. It is not a formal garden set up, just a path that has new and different plant on both side of the path for miles. Really neat.

The trip here was noteworthy. We had 7 foot growlers (big waves). As high as the Bimini. We rolled up to 43 degrees. That is a bit much. The Mate spent a couple hours in the cockpit. She usually go below when the seas are big. She is trying to get used to this stuff. When we get to the Windward’s, the seas and wind are normally like this.

We have one more French island. Good thing. I was getting rid of my belly. Now, not so much. Breakfast and dinners out are killing the diet. I am going to miss this. Especially the breakfasts. The French really know how to make pastries and bread.

On Saturday we moved about 10 miles south to Pigeon Islands. Great diving spot. The water was 78 cold degrees. I did not go in. It was amazing how many snorkelers’ were in the water. You really had to be careful not to run over any of them. Our buddy boat people are big divers and snorkelers. They loved it. In fact they stayed and extra day to snorkel.

Sunday we moved on to some small islands off Guadeloupe call the Saints. We went to the Bourg de Saints, the main town in the group. Again a neat little town. Had dinner at one of the recommended establishments. I have a problem convincing waiters that I like my steak medium well. We get mixed up with rouge, ie, red and my steaks come out with a pulse. Not good. This night we had a waitress that had good English skills. I still ended up with a raw steak. I think it is something in the French makeup that will not allow them to overcook a piece of meet. The mate thinks I should try something else for dinner. But it is so good when it’s good.

Till I find a WIFI.



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