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BEING WRONG IS OK June 11, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Got the mechanic to the boat the next morning and found that a bolt that holds on one of the engine mount brackets backed out and is somewhere in the bilge. The bolt actually goes into one of the engine oil returns. Thus the oil leak. Take the mechanic back to shore, to be picked up later. Ten minutes after he is on board, it is fixed and after running for a half hour, no leak.

The next morning we head to the Petons. These are two peaks that have shed most of there sides in land slides. What is left are very steep peaks. We anchored about 300 yards from one of them which is 2460’ tall. That evening we had a ¼ moon and it made them just plain eerie. When you realize that this was caused by land slides on all sides, and we are close to it, what if a hunk were to break off and slide down. Would make one hell of a wave.

Obviously it did not happen and the morning found us off to Chateaubelair, St Vincent. It has a reputation of allowing cruisers to be mugged on their boats. The cruising guide says to anchor in front of this one restaurant that is beside the police station. I figure that is to make it so the police do not have to travel very far to fill out their report. The closer we got to the place, the less desirable it looked.

The trip across to St Vincent started with 4-5 foot seas and ended with the largest I have sailed in so far. Many 8 footers, breaking on our quarter causing us to roll to 40 degrees. I am not used to that. I will not say scary, but most uncomfortable. Even with the prospect of more seas like those, the thought of staying on our boat in Chateaubelair seemed even less desirable. So, on we go to the small islands south of St Vincent that are part of the country. That is Bequia. A protected little harbor with crazy wind that whips down a valley and into the bay. Since we have been here for three days is rare if the wind drops below 20 knots. It will frequently gust to 30 knots. It is a nice island and the town is quaint. Tomorrow we leave for Canouan. This looks like an interesting place for a day or two.

Till we see WIFI.



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