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GRANADA July 3, 2014

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Let’s see, I went on vacation for a week, got busy, forgot. That last one could be for real. Ok, I just forgot and got busy, but it has not been a vacation.

We check in at Calaciou on the 16th. It is a very poor island. Customs was at the port, immigration was at the police station across the street. We spent the night and left early in the morning for Granada.

The plan was to stop at 2 snorkeling sights. The first one was very small and the mooring balls to close to shore for our size boat. The next one had good mooring balls, but the snorkeling sight was in open water. The mate said she was not ready for that. That is to bad. The sight has an underwater area where someone put many statues. All standing up like they should. The pictures look interesting. It has been in National Geographic. I still want to go. I’ll have to put something together with some others that are interested. Has to be a good calm day.

We therefore moved on to St George, the capital and a good size city on an island of only 112,000 population. We motored through the inner harbor which has 2 marina but no anchorages. The anchorage is outside in an open roadstead. That means you are just anchored out along the coast. It was a quiet night and not very roily. That is a good thing. I hate hanging on to the sheets with my fingers and toes to stay in the bed. Our weather window was closing and we were told that the anchorage at Hog Island was very well protected. We had a tropical wave that was to pass to the south of us and produce some squally, windy weather.

My daughter and family are coming either in late July or October. Depends on their business. They will be staying at a place called True Blue. It has a small bay and we went into it to check it out. It is small and crowded. The next bay over is Prickly Bay. We also check it out. Both have bad reputations for being roily. The next bay is Hartman Bay, which we skipped and went on to the bay at Hog Island.

We got really lucky. There was a place close into the island and its beach and bar that was big enough for us to have swing room. An old boat buddy of ours was anchored near by and said there had been 2 smaller boats anchored there and they left about an hour before we arrived. It was good that we were there and secure. That afternoon the wind started building. It got up to about 30 knots and stayed there for the better part of 3 days. Then it got back to the normal 15 to 20 knots. It makes the dinghy rides rough and wet.

You kind of get used to being damp to wet all the time. No mater what we are going to do we must start with a dinghy ride. We have found a couple bakeries and a great meat market that only sells organic meat. It is very good. He does his own smoking of meats and cheeses. Today we went there and he was experimenting with a new bread. He puts different spices in the dough. He gave samples of this right out of the oven. Oh, was it good. It was almost lunch time and I could have eaten the whole loaf.

Last Monday we did a tour of the island that included a chocolate factory, a ginger factory, a run distillery, the rain forest, a waterfall with a cliff diver, monkeys in the wild, stops at a couple historical homes and more information on what grows here then you ever wanted to know. It was a great tour.

Tuesday we went to the outskirts of St George to do grocery shopping, with stops at a bank, a hardware store and another grocery store that was like a small Sam’s. Only had groceries in bulk. A carton of this, a carton of that. Not real conducive to a sailboat. These shopping days are organized by a couple cab companies that bring 9 passenger vans. It is amazing how they stuff this van with people and then all their groceries. Then you go careening around the narrow mountain roads back to the marina and your dinghy.

Also have had a port(that a window) repaired. The glass cracked a couple weeks ago. Hopefully Saturday I will get to a marine store and the shipyard. I need some items to work on my bright work. I also want to see about having my main mast pulled and fix the swinging of all my electrical cables in the mast. I also was told to have a seal replaced on the main engine water pump. This is not the main seal that kills your water pump, it is the seal that seals a conversion piece for these engines when they are used in various configurations. Hopefully neither of those will cost very much.

Have also had my windshield re-stitched and my awning patched. Good canvas guy and very reasonable.

Well we will keep everyone posted on how one spend hurricane season on a small island in the south Caribbean.



1. Jane Bernard - July 4, 2014

Sounds good so far. Greetings to the mate.

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