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TIME IS FLYING BY July 14, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Seriously, It is already the middle of July. There is much to do to the boat before heading out. We still have not nailed down a date for our daughter and family to come. That is a factor in getting work done on the boat. When they are here and how much is left to spend on the boat. I want to pull the main mast and have the yard get the electrical lines in the mast secured. That has to be done before we go out and beat this poor old boat some more. Have been discussing new strategies with our boat buddies on how to avoid the rough seas around the north and south ends of the islands. We have had our roughest and scariest seas in these areas.

If we spend another year in the eastern Caribbean we will need a bottom job. We tried a harder paint this time and it worked extremely well while we were moving. Being at anchor is totally different. I have to work on the waterline at least every other week. The algae here really adheres itself to the hull. I am also getting small barnacles scattered around the hull. They are small, but again really stuck to the boat. I bought a stainless wire brush with scraper on the end. A real painters tool. The scraper does a job on the barnacles. The brush is needed to work on the prop. Everybody’s tricks including mine to keep the prop clean, do not phase the algae. I think it grows right into the bronze. Looks like a big fuzzy basketball after a coupe weeks.

On the nicer side, a week ago Friday the Museum sponsors a jazz night. There were 4-5 sax players, drums, and base guitar in the main group. They also had up and coming bands, songwriters, poets and artist of the paint and photo type on exhibit. A most enjoyable evening.

Yesterday we went to a Boil Down. They through everything imaginable into a big pot and fill it up with a broth made of various seasonings and water and boil it away. Then you eat what’s left. It was very bland. I was expecting something more like gumbo. The mate was very disappointed in it. I am always happy to find something to eat after it is all in one pot. Goes against my picky eater ways. So to me this was good, I got enough to eat. And yes I also like Gumbo. I like my food a littleThis was sponsored by one of the bus companies that do the tours around the island.

I do not know of any big events going on this week, but it is only Monday. We do have 2 tropical waves scheduled for the week. The first one is to start tonight. It was to have started this afternoon, but the weatherman are the same all over. He missed. That’s OK, it was one of the nicest days of yet. I have been asked how many mile we traveled to get here. Should have that for next week.

Woops, it just started raining. Suppose to have 35 knot wind in the squalls. Lasting for the next 24 to 36 hours.



1. Carol Thornburg - July 15, 2014

Hi Ralph and Mary. We sure do enjoy reading your posts. We admire your adventurous spirit.

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