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A BUMMER July 22, 2014

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Our granddaughter and parents were to come this week. My daughter who is in real estate was negotiating a deal and could not come. Therefore, all is delayed till October. All are bummed out. Hopefully all will turn out for the better. The real estate deal never happened. The parties were not even close, in my estimation.

It is Tuesday and there is a tropical low that is to pass north of us and die. In the mean time we will get wind and rain. A strong breeze is ok. The wind generator loves the wind, to about 30 knots. Hopefully all will go north all season. That is why the insurance company has us down here.

Some excitement Saturday. We had lunch with some boat buddies who are putting there boat in the yard for two months while they go back to California. When we got back to the boat I notice the neighbor boat seemed to be dragging anchor. They were not on board so I thought I would go and see if I could solve the problem. While looking around, I realized the boat drifting was not theirs, but ours. Really not good. It was fairly breezy and we were in pretty tight confines. The Mate got the engine cranked and I started pulling up the anchor. Got it up, reset it and it would not set. Take the anchor chain all back up again (165 feet of chain) and try again. The bottom is mud and rock shelves. We had dropped the anchor on a shelf and just pulled the anchor across the top. The second try we set and were further off to the left of the shelf. By the time we got the amount of chain out that we need we were very close to 3 other boats. The anchor was holding and we decided to wait until Sunday morning to reset it.

Sunday starts of with another tropical wave passing buy and we have lots of rain and a strong wind. Not the best for re-anchoring. Monday morning was busy with have to do things. Therefore no re-anchoring. Plus it was still pretty breezy. 6 o’clock Tuesday morning the anchor is coming up. Again hit the shelf on the first try, but got ahead of it on the second try. We are were we were originally and the Captain is happy.

Now the question is why did we drag after one month and a few good wind storms. We are right off a beach bar and beach. There are tourist catamarans that bring in loads of people from the resorts. They pull onto the beach and set a stern anchor (one off the back of the boat) to keep them square to the beach so the stairway from the front of the boat lets the people off in ankle deep water. I had already had a discussion with the Captain about dropping the stern anchor very close to my anchor rode. Therefore he became suspect number 1 in my mind. There is a boat that is anchored right beside my anchor. He is German and speaks little English. I asked him about what could have happened and he said Yaa, but he was quick to assure me he did not want to get involved in any problems. Well I was not happy, but I was not going to cause any international incident. There were others who saw him come in so close and drop his anchor to close to others. We were all out staring at him as he came in Sunday. He knew! He dropped his stern anchor in close where he should have all along.

I did get my cap rail refinished. Today we started on the Taft Rail. 9 spindles that have to be sanded and built up with fresh varnish. That will about do the refinishing this year. I did the cockpit cap rail, table and hatch last year and they are all in good shape.



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