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MORE WEATHER August 5, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

That was a warm up storm. Now we deal with named storms. We are in Granada because the insurance industry thinks the odds of getting a hurricane are small. That is good. I have had my hurricane and that was enough. This was a tropical storm that went north of us and into the Leeward Islands. We are south in the Windward Islands. The storm was probably over a hundred miles away.

This past week Carnival Granada got going. Thursday we went to a neighborhood that has a Pan Band. That is steel drums. We watched the Junior Band practice and play the music they were to use Saturday in there competition. There were around 30 members ranging in age from maybe 5 or 6 to early teens. The smallest was a girl that stood on a milk crate to reach into the drums. Yes you beat on the inside of them. They are made from 55 gallon drums that haul oil, chemicals etc. The drum maker uses a torch and heats the bottom and beats a shape into it. They then heat and beat the edge to get the notes the proper sound. They then cut off the majority of the drum and get it chromed. They also have tenor drums that are about half the barrel. They also have base drums that use the full barrel, and are tuned to 7 different tones. The drummer plays all seven. They sound like kettle drums in an orchestra.

Saturday we went to the competition. They came in third. This weekend the professional players have their competition. I think we are going.

I have been asked how far we have traveled from Pensacola. Well I figured it out. Now remember sailboats do not go from point “a” to point “b” in a straight line. Well when I added up our distance, I figured we went in a straight line. We have traveled about 2500 miles. We have put 584 hours on the engine. That is about 5 years of use in Pensacola. We have gone through some major items that had to be repaired or replaced, and that continues. The latest is the battery charger seems to be putting out less then it should. Not ready to spend a boat unit yet, but am shopping for a good price. So far I have only found one and it is made in China and is considered junk. I have one other marine store locally to check.

Oh yea. I am doing Yoga. I started doing Yoga when I was in my mid 30’s. It always was good for my back. Through the years I would do Yoga and then stop for a while. So here I an 70 years old trying to twist myself into a pretzel. Three of the ladies of our Canadian boat buddies were trying to convince the Mate to go with them. The Mate naturally suggested I go since I have years of experience. Well the rest of the story is I am going to a 6:30 am Yoga class. The best news is they just changed the time to 8:30. There is less humidity, less bugs and more breeze at 8:30. I personally think it is also a lot more civilized time to be out exercising.



1. Jane And Bernie - August 5, 2014

It would be interesting to hear how the “named” hurricanes affect you if at all aboard The Nightwatch.

sailingnightwatch - August 13, 2014

Thanks. I have had my hurricane in a house. We left for all those after that experience. We would leave the area again.

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