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CARNIVAL August 13, 2014

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Remember the 8:30 yoga class. That lasted one day. We have a male instructor that like the 6:30 time slot. Therefore, we got shifted back to 6:30. There was much protesting. Even his wife who is in our class complained and said she would talk to him. Well, Wednesday at 6:30, our female instructor was there, and no John. He has a pulled ligament and may be out of commission for awhile. Must have been a hell of a talking to he got. We are now back to 8:30. The breeze is up, the bugs have mostly left. Much better.

This week was Carnival. This included Pan Band competition, many parades, great costumes all from an island 12 miles long with a population of 100,000. I have not been up to 2 am in years. After the better part of a week it is almost normal. The first parade that kicked it off started at midnight. That is island time mon. That means maybe 1 am, or 2, or whenever. We did not do that one. I don’t even know anyone who went.

Our first event was the junior Pan Band competition. Our band came in 3rd. Then you realize things have a political twist to them. Like figure skating. The competition was to start around 1 pm. It was only an hour late. Good thing. There were thousands of people and only 1 ticket window. There was no line, it was just shove your way to the front. The ticket printer ran about as fast as a credit card machine. Somehow I got designated to get the 4 tickets for our friends and us. For 40 minutes I did battle with these 200+ pound women who were forcing there way to the front. There is no civility in women on a mission to buy something. They each have money stuck between each finger to pay for tickets for them and their family, friends, neighbor and anyone else that could get their money to them to buy the tickets. When they got to the window they would take a stance like a football center and maintain there place. These are the most laid back, nice, courteous people you will find. It must be a female gene thing. It reminded me of the news shots of the stores opening on Black Friday.

That event was sometime late last week. The next one was Saturday night with the senior pan bands. At the ticket window there were 2 very large military personal with big booming voices that kept people inline. Took less then 5 minutes to get tickets. Our band tied for first. They got not only their fans involved but everyone in the stands and the judges. These people love to dance and it does not take much to get them going. Great time.

I think we did 4 or so parades. 2 of note were the parade of lights. It went by us about 10 at night. And the last parade, which actually started on time. That is where judging was done for costumes, organization and performance. It was probably the best parade. They sent home the grandmothers and the ladies that were at the ticket line and left in the daughters. I’m sorry, but those women my age should not be in public in those skimpy costumes.

The parade of lights was something to see. One of the groups had durby hats with blinking lights all over the top. Another group of 400+ had Viking helmets with lit horns, that blinked on and off. Each group was led by a sound truck playing music very loud. These sound trucks were large 18 wheelers. They had enough wattage that when they went by it could move your body sideways. Never seen anything like it. My ears are still ringing. The mate is posting many pictures and videos on our Facebook page.

One other parade that you are part of is the Jab Jab parade. It starts 3-4 in the morning and runs till sunup. You where the least clothes as possible and will throw them away when it is over. First you get covered in used motor oil. That’s right. If you are there, you will be found. You get covered with oil, all over, and I mean all over. Next there are people who are covered with various colors of paint. They will come up and hug you, rub you, what ever. Now everyone looks the same. A mess. I was going to go but chickened out. The logistics of getting back to the boat and cleaning up was daunting. This was not an age thing. Every age goes and does the same thing. My friends said being drunk helps. This parade has to do with the spirits that move around in the dark. That is why it end at sunup. If I am here next year, I will go.

Next is the Chocolate Festival. I saw the advertising copy for last year. Had this attractive lady being covered in chocolate. We will see. That starts this weekend. This last ordeal was heave with beer. The next is chocolate. I am going to gain all my weight back.



1. Jane And Bernie - August 13, 2014

I would stay away from ‘the spirits” that roam at night. Other than the ticket line, all else sounds like great fun.

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