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The chocolate Festival starts later in the week and runs through the weekend. Looking at the schedule, it does not look real interesting. You can manage to eat al lot of chocolate if you are so inclined. I like a candy bar, but one will do me for the better part of a week. Our weekend social calendar is getting pretty full anyway. Plus it is at a resort that is a very long walk or a 2-bus, bus ride. Not fun.

Now to the week that could poke holes in the cruising budget. On our way down we developed loud noises in the mast. The wiring that goes up the mast for lighting, weather instrument, radar all run in PVC pipe up the inside of the mast. I think it started breaking loose going across the Gulf. By the time we crossed the Monon Passage, a few squalls, always heading east into the Trade Winds and seas, the PVC started swinging around like wind chimes. But with a sharp clunk against the mast.

The solution is to pull the mast and reattach the PVC or get new PVC if it has destroyed itself. Tomorrow, we head over to the local shipyard to have the mast pulled Wednesday morning. It is then scheduled to be reinstalled Thursday morning. The crane costs are about 3 times what I paid at the shipyard in Pensacola. They then charge you to come along side the pier for a days rent, while they take out the mast then again while they put it in. Yep, 2 days rent. Now we could spend the night, but it is the rainy season and a river of sorts comes right beside the pier to deposit its mosquitoes. In these parts they carry Dungee Fever. That is some sickness that attacks your nervous system causing great pain for about a week. We will anchor out. In fact if we can get away fast enough, we will come back to where we are anchored. An electrician does the work. Should only take a couple hours, thank goodness. I get charged $150/hour for his labor. That is US dollars. I have a friend who is a contractor here, says the individual doing the work get about 15% of the charged rate. The rest goes to the company. Contractors do well. I just hope they do not have to replace the PVC. They could stretch that into a days work easy. As you can tell, I am not very optimistic towards getting my money’s worth.

Oh, by the way, it is 9 P.M., 84 rainy degrees with 100% humidity and no wind. No AC. The rain is light which means everything will be streaked with red dust from the Sahara Desert. The boat can be worse looking then when it started. Now a good heavy tropical rain will clean things off. Ok, most of you know we have heating and AC. At anchor you would have to run the generator to run the AC. We only run the generator to make water or charge the battery banks. That is already 3-5 hours a day. The mate has 2 fans, one in the galley/salon area and one in our stateroom. If you here a fan running, you know the mate is very near the fan.



1. Jane And Bernie - August 19, 2014

Very glad the capability is there to repair the mast. Heat and humidity – ugh!

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