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OH OHHH August 27, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Tuesday we moved from our quiet anchorage to Prickly Bay to anchor for the night. The anchorage is know for its rollieness. Not to bad for this night. It also has the yard in it. It was nice to be underway for a change. The wind was light and the seas about 1-2 feet. The trip took about an hour and then we anchored in a crowded Prickly Bay. Everyone was to close for the mate, but that is always the case.

Wednesday we got underway for the yard about 8:30. It takes about 15 minutes to get there, and about half way the electrician and his helper met us. They came out to tell us we would be in the slip on the other side of the travel lift. This meant we had to change our bumpers and mooring lines. Not a big deal, just a pain in the behind. The good part is they were waiting for us. Now that is rare.

The morning went smoothly. We found we only had one of the three pieces of PVC loose. They wanted to replace it with conduit. They felt that the rivets would hold better then in PVC. I agreed. After lunch the electrician returned with the news that that size conduit needed would have to be ordered and was not a standard size stocked on the island. They re-rivet the PVC with huge pop rivets. But said they would not guarantee the job because of the PVC. They got done about 3 PM. I am ready or them to set the mast and we get out of there. But the crane crew is off setting up an asphalt plant. Things are not going to happen today.

We moved back to the anchorage. During the day there was not a puff of air and the inside of the boat got up to about 100 degrees. I believe if someone would have told the mate there was a plane leaving for Colorado in a half hour, she would have left me. It was terrible in the boat. I told her we would run the AC till I went to bed. It was nice, but what have I done.

The next day the yard crew was done by 11 and I had almost everything hooked up by noon. Still not a puff of air and the boat was just as hot as the day before. Well the mate is no dummy, she said she guessed we would run the AC that evening also. Cats out of the bag. She has decided if there
is no wind, the AC comes on. Since then we have had only one other day like that.

Well other then the overnight delay, one would think all went very well. So did I as we left. I noticed that as I turned on the Multi Function Display, there was no radar. That is not uncommon, one has to go to the startup wizard and let it find itself. Still no radar. The electrician has been out and did some troubleshooting. He pulled the cable out of the mast and we inspected it. It was in very good shape. He thought it was a coupling that went bad. I tested it, and it is perfect. Talking with the guy representing the contractor, he thinks it is the cable and wants to replace it. I want him to drop it down the outside of the mast and hook it up so we can test it before making a permanent installation. It is Ethernet cable and you usually have to buy a minimum 50 foot length. If it is not wrong, I do not want it. Right now it is beginning to look like I could end up with another healthy bill. Not good.

Recently, the tropical waves are passing by about every 60 hours. That means you get one day of windy squally weather followed by a blazing hot day of little or no wind. This pattern has to change or I will have very high fuel bill and no travel.

We are having WIFI problems in our anchorage. The mate has started to go to WIFI coffee shops to post her comments and pictures. Posting pictures from the boat has become impossible. There are two telephone companies in the island. One of them is moving up to G-4 technology. That is causing a reallocation of the island’s band width. We cruisers seem to be at the bottom of the groups getting allocated. Time will tell.



1. Jane And Bernie - August 27, 2014

Reminds me of the old sailing stories with days of no winds and hot and sultry weather and then suddenly comes the wonderful relief – wind!!

2. rosa - August 28, 2014

Hello, Ralph
It’s Rosa from Centennial Imports. Just wanted to wish you all good luck.. Sounds like your having fun. 🙂

sailingnightwatch - September 2, 2014

Hey to y’all,

We made it to Granada in the middle of June. We will stay here during hurricane season. Beautiful island with the nicest people anywhere. There are probably 200 cruisers spread among 5 anchorages. Kind of crowded.

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