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Yea, one of those weeks. Lets start with water pump. The pump itself does not leak any more then the rest of the engine. Between the pump and the pulley is a housing that is a spacer that helps hold the pulley for the desired engine set up. This engine was designed in the 20’s for English double deck busses. It has been used in almost all imaginable applications. The British used it heavily during WW II. It is a sleeved engine that can be totally rebuilt piece by piece. There are still a lot of them around. This water pump is 17 years old if it was replaced at last rebuild. If not God only knows how old it is. The spacer housing is leaking a little water. Very little. But that is a bad sign. We were going to replace the seal, but they ended up with a whole pump. Because of where the engine is, the whole pump has to come off to service the seal. The pump is only $120 US. The labor will be more to replace the seal and probably less to just swap them out. We shall see,

WIFI. I mentioned last week what was thought to be the WIFI problem. I have 2 unlocked iPhones, a 3 and a 3S. We have had trouble with the 3S and have been using the 3. Rumor has it that it is hardly strong enough to pick up our WIFI band, where we are located. It has a hard enough time not dropping calls. Both these became critical when my son who is handling our mail and stuff moved. We have to change addresses of all important stuff. Most we could do on the internet, some we have to do by phone. I therefore went in had the 3S brought up to date and began using it. It worked ok, but would not hold a charge even with a new battery and got very hot when recharging. So it is in the shop. Talked to the repairman today and he thinks he has it fixed, but want to run it down and recharge it a couple times before he guarantee’s it. That will be good. Therefore, I get to go to town Thursday to pick it up. In the meantime we are back to the 3, which is running last night and this morning. I got all my radio licenses updated. Things may be looking up. Yes, the 3S is a far better phone then the 3, according to those in the know.

Then there is the non functioning radar. Tomorrow the tech is coming out to try a new wire and see if it is the culprit. I have my test gear ready to test the coupling, that he thinks is the problem. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, I will have a functioning radar. Then we have to sort out the bills. That will be the fun part.

I am ready for a break, other then the forward AC unit. It was laying down and dying before we left the States and I had spent probably to much to keep it running. I could not see buying a new expensive unit to have it sit on the boat for 1-2 years rotting away. Now with the thought of heading home, we will need it when we move back into a marina. So that is the next project.

Now if you are a close reader of this blog, you noticed the comment about heading home. Yea, can’t win them all. The mate wanted to only be gone for 1 year, and because of insurance requirements, it ended up being 18 months. I wanted to stay in the Windward and Leeward for another year just leisurely cruising around. That has become an ever increasing point of contention the last month or so. The good Lord has let me live my dream that I have planned and worked on for years, so now it is time to get the mate closer to the grandkid before the grandkid out grows us. Therefore we will head north November 1, weather permitting. Our plan is to see some of the islands we missed or ran through. We plan to get back for the start of hurricane season. Now if we are in the Bahamas that is July 1, and then only part of the islands. If it is the US, it is June 1. Almost all the hurricanes go through at least part of the Bahamas. Go Figure.

Back to getting the boat ready to go. Shoot, I have not finished the spring varnishing yet. It is the rainy season…, and they mean it. Daily, sometimes many times a day. The first one is between 3 and 4 AM. You can set your watch by it. Jump up, close all hatches and ports. By the time you finish dogging all of them it is over. Then it is steamy. It still is paradise.



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