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BUSY IN PARADISE September 8, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

This past week we got the radar working. The salesman for the company that did the work thought it was the wire, even though we had removed the wire and visually inspected it. It is Ethernet cable and has very small wires in the cable. Plus there are only 4 wires in this application.

The techs came back out and we took a test cable from the radar on the mast through the hatch and hooked it to the end by the mast connection. It worked. The tech was convinced that it was the coupling. The couplings are almost solid with a metal ring around them. You could drive over them and I do not think you could hurt it. The tech took the wire back to their shop to check it out. I think the wire got snagged either when they pulled the mast of when they put it back in. It is a small hole to put a large mast through the deck in the saloon and down onto the mast step.

There is only 1 man guiding the bottom of the mast. Only one because there is no room for any more hands. If it happened during this operation, it is possible the man never new it. He is busy guiding a large, heavy 60 foot piece of aluminum through a hole in the main deck and through the hole in the saloon deck that gives him maybe 1-1/2” clearance on each side. On the wire side there are 3 cables with connections hanging out the side of the mast about 10 inches from the bottom of the mast. After the mast has passed the saloon deck, it only has a foot to be lowered. The man has to reach the wires through another deck opening and move then out of the way of the mast step so they are not cut off. The mast slips over the mast step and slides down about 2” before it hits the base of the step. The step holds the base of the mast in place and is bolted to the keel. We will have a test on the technical terms in the morning.

Between the radar and the phone problems, the week was busy. The 4S phone, turned out to have a bad processor and is not fixable. When my son-in-law gets here we will allow him to see how far an apple phone can skip across the water. I had experience with 2 phones and the sea, but they were in free fall from my belt. Skipping should be fun.

Yesterday, after church and before Dominoes, I got set up to retune the rigging after the mast had been re-stepped. I always turn the rig myself. Know of to many rigs that were done poorly and went over the side. It took me all day to do it. I still think it is raked to far aft. Everything fits right below deck, but I just do not like the look. I thought I took a framing square with us. If I did, it is well stored, because I can not find it. It makes checking the rake of the mast much easier. Using the framing square and a combination square, I can get measurement and calculate the 3.5 degree rake I should have in the mast. Get it wrong as I think it is and the head stay does not fit right, which I do not think it does. Close, but not right. Oh well I have a month and a half before we start heading back to the States.

The granddaughter may be coming the end of the month. We will not know for sure till the 20th. Even so we are excited and planning things to do with the family.

Friday we went to the Monthly Jazz Jam at the museum. That was our 3rd one and in my estimation the best. Their guest performer was a music professor that played blues on a harmonica. The best I ever heard.



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