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RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY September 23, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Well, it did not wait till Tuesday, it started Sunday. According to one of the local dock masters, we got 6 inches Sunday. All I know is that we made it to church without rain, by about 5 minutes. Then it rained all through church and Sunday school. Then it stopped while we got back to the boat in the dinghy. The dinghy ride was after I borrowed a bigger bucket to bail for about 10 minutes.

We had left some ports open and the mate was worried about the boat being half sunk. No problem. We had the awning up and the rain came straight down…, no wind. Thank goodness.

Monday I got the solar panels and have them stored on deck. My steel man caught Chick-V on Friday. This usually lays you up for 5+ days, high fever, vomit, terrible aches in all joints, a rash that itches like mad, and the desire not to eat and only sleep. He had a mild case and was back to work Monday. Although, he quit early and headed for the bed. He looked like he needed it. Today we had very heavy rain till after lunch. Here he came, we got the plates for the feet and cross members mounted. Put the frame in place to do final measurements for the legs and cross members. Tomorrow he will pick up all the pieces and go weld them together. Then back to us and mounting the frame and solar panels. Then I will do the final wiring and we should be making electricity…, I hope.

Chick-V. Not your girl friend. Although, his wife’s nicknameis “V”. It is a mosquito born virus that makes you very sick. It is an epidemic in the islands. There have been over 100 deaths. You can also have relapses for over a year. There is another mosquito born virus called Dungus something or other. Very similar, but not as bad. With Chick-V you only get it once. Big deal, you can have relapses forever. This is mountainous, tropical rain forest islands. You could not spray all the mosquitoes, ever. So everyone is resolved that you will get these sooner or later.

Oh yea, more news of the not so good kind. Our generator lost its bearing Sunday. Ran it to recharge batteries last evening. We did not know what it was, just that it was getting noisier. This morning I went into the engine room to check oil and the place is covered with dust. May be from the inside of the generator. That would not be good. Pray for us. With luck there is a bearing on the island. If so and his crew is all well, the mechanics will pull the old bearing that collapsed and replace it. While they have the bearing out they will be able to tell if anything happened to the inside of the generator. Pray it is OK. The fellow who runs the company doing the work thinks this will be covered under warranty…. The genset has a 5 year limited warranty. Limited is the key word. He is going to contact Westerbeke and see if it will be covered. Pray again. We are talking major bucks.

So know the main engine is running at idle to recharge the batteries enough to keep the frig running into tomorrow. Since Sunday there has hardly been enough wind to turn the wind generator. About a 25 knot breeze would be nice. That would keep us charged up from the wind. Have not seen that in about 6 weeks.

Waffle. Only for a while one day. Then you think about how much this solar stuff costs. Got to get a return on investment. If it works as advertised, that could be very short. Time will tell.



1. Jane And Bernie - September 24, 2014

Prayed with Paula this morning for the Nightwatch and crew. Godspeed always.

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