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One would think. The generator’s new back end is covered by warrantee. Not freight, labor, and not import fees and taxes. That will be about as much as the new back end. But we are thankful for what is covered.

The wind has been around 10 knots, not enough for the wind generator to make any difference for the batteries. But things did make a positive turn mid week. I picked up the controller for the solar panels a week ago Friday and spent the weekend pulling wires and setting up the controller. Monday I picked up the panels and the man building the frame got started building. He only got a half day in because it was pouring down rain all morning. Tuesday he finished the frame and the supports for the davits. We got the bolt on feet all cut, drilled and installed. The feet for the frame will be welded to the legs and the whole thing will be bolted on. That will allow everything to be removed for hurricanes. Wednesday was install day. It was about 5 pm when we finished and to late to test the system. I got the wiring connections started and finished Thursday. We found that although the connections are the same, there not the same. China! The connections do not really fit together, kind of, but not good enough to make good connections. After fighting with these thing for the better part of a day, the frame builder came buy and said they may be water proof, but not moisture proof. After about a year the salt moisture is bad enough to corrode the inside and makes for a bad connection. A quick cut of the wires and I installed rings on the wire, bolted them together and schaaam! Good connection and the system works.

Just in time. My engine alternator is not big enough to charge up my batteries in less then 8 hours. That amount of hours at idle would do a lot of damage to the engine. Have to run a diesel under load.

The solar panels produce enough power to run the water maker, refrigerator, normal lights and fans and still put some juice into the batteries. That is what we were hoping for. Now we just need sunny days, or windy days till the gen gets here in 3-4 weeks.

The Grandkid and parents arrive Wednesday night. We are excited.



1. rosa - October 9, 2014

It was good to hear from ya’ll..
Have fun with the grandkiddos..:)

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