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The grandkid was here for 9 days. That ate up most of the two weeks. It was wonderful. They got here Wednesday night. They stayed at Le Phare Bleu. It is a boutique resort and marina. They had a 2 bedroom villa. It was really neat. The living room and kitchen was open to a porch that faced the Caribbean about 100 feet away. It has a beach, but not a nice one. They also have a pool with bar close at hand. Weather wise we were lucky. It rained Friday evening and Saturday morning. Friday night was Jazz night at the National Museum. I took the daughter and son-in-law while grandma babysat. All were happy.

We did not move the boat to the marina because our anchorage is centrally located and there is a nice beach just a few hundred feet away. We spent a couple afternoons at the pool, the rest at the beach. One day we took an island tour that lasted about 5 hours. Enough for a 6 year old.

Another day we took a kayaking tour. That lasted about 3 hours and was fun. It also got my daughter’s feet and legs sun burned. The rest of us faired better. We got a good education on the local environment and especially what Mangroves do for the ecosystem. We also learned about a poisonous tree. Can not remember the name, but I think I would recognize it. The sap is poisonous. If it rains and you are under it the rainwater running across the leaves will burn you severely if it lands on you. The Indians use to tie their enemies to the tree and let rain slowly kill them.

Out Facebook Page has pictures of the kayak tour. Other pictures to follow when we get them posted. The time together was the best we have had. Those from Colorado did have a hard time with the heat. It was in the mid 80’s. The temps here only fluctuate a few degrees from day to night. Does not give you much relief if you are from and area that hot summer days may hit 80 once or twice a year.

Weather wise, they just missed the real stuff. A large tropical storm passed a couple hundred miles north of us. It sucked away the wind. Started on Saturday, They left in the morning, and has continued through today. There was a little breeze for a while this afternoon, but no more then 10 knots for a couple hours. It is dead still right now. If I had a generator, we would run it this evening. It is 87 in the boat and with no wind, very buggy outside. Well somebody has to do it. The mate does not think she should have to do this again….

We get the generator installed Wednesday. Thank goodness. It is also time to start replenish for this years cruise. With out a car, that is a lot of bus rides. We will be heading up through the Windward and Leeward island and stop at those islands we did not take the time to see on the way down. From the north end of the Leeward islands hard decisions must be made as we would start heading west. That means heading back. There is some discussion about spending next hurricane season in the Exumas in the Bahamas. That would be near Georgetown. They do get hit by hurricanes, but we are in the zone where we have insurance, kind of. Got to study that a little more.



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