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Went by Petite Martinique for Petite St Vincent. Petite Martinique is a fishing and boat building town. It seems industrial. Even though it is not. Petite St Vincent is a resort island. Private except you can go to the beach bar. The local beer is $25.00 EC’s a can. That is $9.25 US. Keeps us riff raft out of the place. The second day our cruising buddies and us went to a very small island with nothing on it but a thatched umbrella. The whole island is about 100 feet by 200 feet. Super clear water. A little breezy, a little choppy, but we all made it by dinghy. Anchored the dinghies in 3 feet of water, jumped into the 80 degree water and had a blast for a couple hours.

From there we checked into the Grenadines at Union Island. Than we went on to Tobago Cays. One of the best diving and snorkeling places in the world. Got there just as a heavy squall came roaring in. This is our second time here and this time we did not even get into the water. It stormed, on and off, all night and into the morning. We left in the morning.

Went to Salt Water Bay at Mayreau Island. We was greeted by wall-to-wall boats. Not even enough room to turn around. So we turned around before entering the bay and headed for Carriacou. The weather was to start turning bad with the first “Christmas Winds” to arrive next week. We motor sailed with just the staysail and Mizzen up. With a favorable current we were making over 7 knots and occasionally touching 8 knots. We want to spend the Christmas Wind storm in Bequia. A nice little island with good protection from the NE, the direction from which the Christmas Winds blow. The seas were building and we were flying, so we kept on going to Bequia. Two of our boat buddies arrived the next day and the day following. The wind had stayed about as strong, but rotated a little more easterly. That allow them to both sail here. So here we are for the next week waiting for a weather window to go to St Lucia. St Vincent is the next island north, but has a bad reputation for muggings, boardings and other bad stuff on cruisers. It is a pretty island and I would like to visit, but not worth the risk. Seems they have a hard time arresting and prosecuting their relatives. After all, they only hurt rich yachties.

Today we walked to a turtle sanctuary. Neat, educational, very interesting and a very long walk over a big hill. In Florida it would be a mountain. Killed my knees and hips. It was about an hour and a quarter one way. Going, although steeper, was easier. I was fresh. We will see if I can move tomorrow. Need to, tomorrow is a project day. The following day we are to walk to a whaling museum. Looking forward to that I think. Longer walk, bigger hill. I keep telling my friends that there are only so many rotations built into my hips and knees. They have to last another 50 years before this whole body is used up. Used to be able to get replacements, but I figure with the new health system they will tell me to go away and buy some aspirin on the way.

We will see how our storm goes. Suppose to be winds in the mid 20’s plus lots of squalls with winds in the mid 30’s. Then it lasts for 3-4 days. Oh, and 9 foot seas.



1. Jane And Bernie - November 18, 2014

Hips, knees and nine foot seas….stay safe.

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